Deprecations in 1.5

This page lists things in Infusion that will be deprecated in 1.5, in particular things that we plan to remove entirely in 2.0

TopicMarked in docsMarked in code
FSS (we're not replacing this)(tick) 


  • instead, use distributeOptions and dynamic grades instead
use of components which are not "autoInit" - including the return of nonComponent material from a creator function, and manual attachment of components to trees  

the use of manual lifecycle points (postInit, finalInit, preInit)

  • instead, use two new configuration blocks: modelListeners and new listener block with member named 'changePath'

the use of manual component initialisation functions such as fluid.initLittleComponent and fluid.initViewComponent

  • instead, use grades and autoInit
the use of legacy IoC expressions such as "@1", "@2", "COMPONENT_OPTIONS" etc.  
the option "returnedPath" (and "returnedOptions", which is gone already)N/A 

changeApplier and model features:

  • The special changeApplier events "guards" and "postGuards"
  • Our vestigial "superApplier" ("fluid.makeSuperApplier")
  • The utility "fluid.model.copyModel" (simply use "fluid.copy" since we don't believe in shared model references any more)
  • The mergePolicy "preserve"
  • The ChangeApplier event type "MERGE" (only "ADD" and "DELETE" will be supported)
The use of fluid.tryCatch()N/A 

Event features:

  • The name "fluid.event.getEventFirer" (in favour of the simpler name "fluid.makeEventFirer")
  • "unicast events"
  • Note that any arguments to fluid.makeEventFirer are not a public API, this signature will change when we implement "latched events" and abolish "unicast events"
(tick) except for arguments to makeEventFirer - not sure what that means 
Progress events and callbacks onProgressBegin and afterProgressHidden(tick) 

The old names "fluid.model.setBeanValue" and "fluid.model.getBeanValue"

  • instead, use "fluid.model.set" and "fluid.model.get"
fluid.lightbox (use fluid.imageReorderer) - some css there as well?  
stuff in Fluid.js e.g. fluid.keyForVaue()...  
path utilities in DataBinding (not documented anyway?)  
fl-ProgEnhance-basic is deprecated, and replaced by fl-progEnhance-basic  

Renderer ?

  • (we don't have a replacement yet)we expect to have a replacement by 2.0
  • not sure if 2.0 will abolish the renderer or merely deprecate it