Preference Editor Interface Features and Discovery Opportunities (April 2)

Interface Features

Presentation Methods
  • staged trail menu
    • linear task-by-task
    • decisions made in initial steps effect questions/features presented in following steps
    • can navigate backward at any point, but forward only one step
  • basic->advanced features
    • hierarchical sections
    • larger sections with core features can be accessed initially
    • more advanced features can be accessed from larger sections
Potential Features
  • preference sorting
    • categories (curated groupings)
      • functional
      • need-based
    • search
    • tag database (visualization of all the tags)
    • user activated, favourited
    • recommendations
      • based on activated preferences
      • based on behavioural & contextual awareness
        • captions have been activated on several videos, captions always on automatically activated
        • less time is spent on text-only content, preference to highlight visual-rich content is suggested
        • keyboard is sometimes used navigate through content, use of advanced keyboard shortcuts is suggested
        • pattern of certain preferences activated under specific contexts (time/location), preferences are automatically activated next time with option to create a new preference set
    • recently searched
    • recently used
      • preference history?
    • most common, popular
  • preference/content request
    • search results
      • no results > search term is automatically sent as a missing preference
      • results, but no modification is made > search term is automatically sent as potentially missing preference
    • preference request
      • user submits request form with explanation of needed preference/customization
    • content accessed
      • content does not fit user preferences > request is automatically sent for missing alternatives
      • user says the content isn't working > user identifies what is missing by themselves or through a discovery tool and sends request or changes preferences to transform content to better fit their needs
  • prompts/tips
    • progress bar indicating steps to-do
    • check-ins with recommendations
    • alerts for new features
    • directions after period of inactivity
  • labels
    • familiar visuals, wording, etc. (e.g., CC for captions)
    • rich tool-tips (more detailed description, preference preview)
  • instructions
    • text, video, audio directions
    • interactive with adjusters
    • overlay on interactive interface (i.e. preference editor)
  • games/tests
    • (short) series of activities to evaluate user's preferred content type and content that needs alternatives
    • (long) compare user's performance on different resource types to determine needs
  • preview (live/mock) discovery through activating preferences and experiencing result
  • sharing/receiving/syncing preference sets discovery through others

Preference Sorting

>> Download Preference Sorting Diagram

Alternatives & Enhancements for:

  • enhancements (size, contrast, style, organization, etc.)
  • alternatives (text-to-speech, described video/image, braille, etc.)
  • enhancements (speed, volume, filter, etc.)
  • alternatives (captions, sign language, vibrating alerts, etc.)
  • enhancements (time limits, pressure sensitivity, required force, etc.)
  • alternatives (voice commands, key controlled pointer, gesture navigation)
  • content/language alternatives -> see alternatives for visuals, audio, interaction (preference for visual/tactile/audio content, translated content, described cultural references, etc.)
  • processing enhancements -> see enhancements for visuals, audio, interaction (content organization, audio filters, time limits, etc.)
  • learning tools (annotators , reminders/organizers, language aids, etc.)

Preference Discovery Opportunities in Learning


  • delivery
    • individually
    • one-on-one
    • lecture
  • content
    • text
    • video
    • audio
  • form
    • static
    • interactive
    • tangible
    • observation/demonstration
Discover Preferences

see alternatives & enhancements for audio, visual, interaction


  • restate/synthesis or translate/reinterpret (remix) through:
    • text
    • visual
    • audio
    • video
  • discuss (experiencing + responding?)
  • apply/perform task
  • review/evaluate experience
  • testing/assessment of:
    • understanding
    • retention
Discover Tools

process of using tools becomes an interactive experience?

  • annotations/bookmarking
    • comments, blogs, messages
    • sharing links
    • audio, video clips
  • reminders (could be attached to annotations?)
    • alerts
    • to-do
  • language
    • check spelling & grammar
    • word prediction, abbrev. expansion
  • more to be included
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