(C4A) PMT meeting notes (January 14)

This page contains notes from the meetings held with Cloud4All on January 2013.

These notes don't reflect conclusive statements, but ideas that have raised at the meetings and are under discussion

  • Cloud4All Profile Management Tool (PMT) manages the user's global profile(s). 
  • The user edits his global preferences using the PMT, creating one or several Base Preference Sets (BPS). 
  • PMT displays previews of BPS adapted to each device. 

  • BPS has different Device Sets, one for each type of device. 
  • The system saves Device Sets internally but the user is not aware of them, although he really visualizes an adapted version of his BPS in each device.  

  • Device Sets are automatically created by PMT. 
  • The user can preview how the preferences will display in the devices and make fine adjustments. 

  • The user can make adjustments on-the-fly in one device, using the Floating Panel. 
  • Floating Panel must be simple and quick.
  • The last adjustment done in one device applies to that device, but not to others. 

  • The last adjustment done in one device, should apply to other similar devices? (eg. adjustments in one tablet should apply to other user's tablets?)

  • PMT manages Basic Preferences Set as well as Device Sets. 
  • Floating Panel manages specific Device Sets and sends changes to PMT.
  • Should the PMT be available only at the desktop, as a core control?