Decapod Calibration Wireframes

Stereo Calibration Wireframes

Image 1: User chooses method of capture.

Image 2: System checks for attached cameras and determines if they are supported.

Image 3: If supported cameras are not detected, user is prompted to correct this.

Image 4: If a pair of supported cameras are detected then the user is prompted to position their material within view of the cameras.

Note the above image states "a single book page" which is incorrect - the full page spread should be in view, not just a single page.

Image 5: The user gets ready to calibrate the cameras. Pressing "Start" will begin a countdown cycle which ends with a photo taken of the calibration target.

Image 6: The countdown timer starts at 3 seconds.

Image 7: While the calibratio picture is taken, the user waits for it to complete.

Image 8: User is prompted to change their checkerboard position as the countdown timer continues.

Image 9: When enough samples are collected for calibration, the user is informed.

Note Cancel button should be disabled at this stage, but the image depicts it as enabled.

Image 10: If there is a problem during calibration, the user is given an error message and a possible solution.

Image 11: Help tab expands to show expandable help topics.

Image 12: Expanding a help topic reveals more detailed information.

Structured Light Calibration Wireframes

Conventional Capture Calibration Wireframes