Fluid-at-large roadmap, August 2011 - early 2012

Fluid + Floe

1. Demos

a. Content simplification implementation (see designs)
b. Floe learning profiles + preferences/demands matching design concepts demo

2. Further work on UI options

a. UI options integration

  • UIO demo portal
  • Inclusive learning design handbook
  • IDI website
  • & possibly ISKME's OER Commons

b. User testing & evaluation
c. Design iteration + refinements/polish
d. UI options 1.5

  • Implementation of design iteration + UX polish
  • Modularization of options
  • Rich drop downs
  • Linearization (iffy)
  • Fat panel auto-height adjustment (of panel)
  • Motley of bug fixes
3. Video player

a. VideoPlayer + UX polish
b. Integration of VideoPlayer with Universal Subtitles
c. Universal Subtitles authoring accessibility features + UX
d. Authoring and playback of full transcripts and audio descriptions
e. Media preferences in UI options

4. Content simplification

a. Further design exploration of content simplification ideas
b. Design of content simplification authoring tool
c. Implementation of content simplification (+ authoring) tool

Inclusive learning design handbook

a. Handbook design work
b. Integrating ADOD content into ILDH
c. Integrating Hajer's text simplification content into ILDH

Thoughts for beyond

a. Transformations beyond what's currently in UIO 1.4
b. Multi-platform transformations (mobile rendering; use of CSS media queries?)
c. Audio player/authoring component

Fluid + Decapod

Fluid + CSpace

Fluid + IDI

Fluid + OCAD's Inclusive Master's program

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