(Floe) UI Options Feature List, B.1

Text & colour

In order of priority:

  1. Text size. Significant granularity between 1x and 2x, less so afterward. Most users will not need more than 4x (depends on defaults).
  2. Contrast and colour. Should include, at minimum: black-on-white, white-on-black, yellow-on-black, black-on-yellow. Might also include inverted contrast and grayscale and brightness alterations.
  3. Line spacing. Significant granularity between 1x and 2x, less so afterward
  4. Text style. Should include, at minimum: Verdana, Comic Sans, Arial/Arial Black, Times New Roman

Layout & navigation

  1. One-column/simplified layout
  2. Table of contents

Interactive items

  1. Link emphasis (underline, bold, larger?)
  2. Larger inputs (e.g., buttons, form fields, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.)

Other things to consider

  1. Background images (should this fit under the contrast & colour schemes?)