Fluid + Floe + IDI design roadmap (April 2011 onwards)

1. IDI web presence

a. Site information architecture + enumeration of functionality
b. Design of public- and internal-facing web sites
c. Integration of Infusion + Floe tools
d. Overseeing IDI visual identity

  • Logo, colour palettes, typefaces, etc.

2. Fluid web presence

a. Design of technical documentation (+ demos)
b. Design of main public-facing website (+ demos)
c. Design of supporting spaces: nightly, wiki, etc.
d. Documenting the style suggest (for the future)

3. Floe present + shortly upcoming

a. Inclusive Learning Handbook

  • Articulation of inclusive design principles, wrt to learning
  • Integration of Accessible Documents Guidelines
    • Layout redesign or tweaks if necessary
  • Design of the ILH actual
    • Finalize visual and interaction design (presentation + authoring)
      • Exploit multimedia (audio, video, images, etc.)
    • UI options integration
      • Tweaks for colour contrast options, type options, etc.

b. UI options

  • Documenting designs
  • User testing
  • Providing various style templates (+ meta-level transformations)
  • Designs for extensibility
  • Integration of "social inclusion widget"?

c. Design of "ideal" authoring environment

  • Collaboration with ISKME + OER fellows
  • Harder (more meaningful) transformations
  • Meeting the content where it is

d. Video player

  • Designs within desktop browser (embedded, full-screen)
  • Designs within mobile space
  • Transcripts, subtitles, captions, audio descriptions
  • Localization
  • Sectioning, chaptering
  • Audio + image adjustments
  • Compatibility w/ Universal Subtitles, SpokenMedia (+ extensibility?)
  • Capacity for crowdsourcing (demand + visibility + supply; "social inclusion widget")

e. Audio player? (short distance from video player)

  • As above

4. Floe year+

a. Image descriptions
b. Mobile
c. Profiles (w/ N/GPII)
d. Matching + discoverability
e. AChecker

5. Decapod


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