Decapod Release Testing

Testing Methods

Traditionally Fluid testing takes the form of both manual testing and automated testing. Due to the nature of the 0.3 Decapod release, emphasis will be on manual testing. A more rigourous automated testing scheme will be implemented in future releases.

Testing Environment

OS: Ubuntu 10.04

Browser: Firefox 3.6.x

Reporting Bugs

Bug are to be reported using the Fluid Jira bug tracker:

Bug Reporting Instructions

  • Start a new bug by pressing the "Create Issue" option at the top of the page just below the Fluid logo.
  • Project should be "Fluid Infusion"
  • Component should be "Decapod"
  • Affects Version should be left at "Unknown"
  • Fix Version should be left at "Unknown"
  • Assignee should be left at "Automatic" unless you know specifically who should handle this.
  • Environment - specify the OS version, browser version used, and camera models if applicable.
  • Description
    • Describe the bug clearly.
    • Steps to reproduce the bug.
    • What the expected behaviour should be (if applicable).

Please search for issues before reporting them, so as to limit the number of duplicate entries.

Decapod Issues in Jira

Some keywords to help with filing good bugs:

  • Thumbnail navigator
  • Preview area / Preview pane
  • Take Picture Button
  • Camera Detection Dialog
  • Export to PDF

What to Test

If you do not have cameras (Decapod 0.4 only)

If you do not have cameras, you can run the tests using the mock server. The mock server mimics capturing from cameras without having actual cameras attached.

To run the mock server: ./decapod/components/server/python

The mock server does not support exporting to PDF.