Kiosk idea sketches (February 23, 2010)

Lo-fi Paper Prototyping

Sorry for the low quality images, I wasn't initially intending to present these at first!  (I made these for myself to use, as a step before making them adobe illustrator.)  These were made big, taking up nearly my whole desk and I couldn't everything into the camera lens. 

Intro Screen, nothing new here.

Next screen after identity theme is selected.  This was designed to not give the user another grid of thumbnails after the initial election, and to give the user a simpler screen which confirms what he has selected, and more of a focus on the little blurb about the identity theme.

Supposing the user clicks on "gallery view." This is "gallery viewer" screen currently showing the portrait gallery.  Note the next and previous buttons in the bottom corners that lets you cycle through the galleries.

Supposing now the user clicks on "Map view" of identity theme:

Supposing the user touches the portrait gallery on the map, this is the map view of identity theme with portrait gallery selected.  Using next and previous buttons, or touching the gallery, each gallery will expand to become more legible.

Print preview page, Should also display accessibility printing options.