Mobile & Kiosk Scenario (Bruce & Janice at Cultural Historical Museum)

Bruce and Janice are an older couple (in their 60's) vacationing in Alberta. Bruce is a tech saavy father, who tries to keep himself updated on all the new gadgets he reads about in computer magazines, while Janice is a technophobe who has a fear of breaking anything that has a keyboard and mouse attached to it. Being recent empty-nesters, the couple have decided to take a cross-Canada tour in order to visit popular sites and enjoy their new-found freedom.

While in Edmonton, they decide to visit the train museum, as Bruce use to work on trains before retiring. When they enter the museum, a sign informs the couple of the iPhone mobile tour guide, which gets Bruce exited as it affords another opportunity to use his new iPhone. Janice secretly sighs, as she feels that her husbands already spends too much time using the device.

When Bruce opens the application, he is greeted with an introduction screen informing him of new exhibits and a list of tours, while Janice talks to the museum staff at the information booth. After looking through the available tours, Bruce wonders if they have any information on the Turbo train, a locomotive that he once worked on. Using the search field, he starts typing "Tur", but before he finishes typing the word, the application provides him with a list of items relating to the turbo trains (as no other items on display contain the characters Tur). Bruce gets excited and quickly browses the items to find out where they are located in the museum. He looks up from the mobile screen to tell his wife, who is now returning from the counter with their tickets. He tells her that the museum has some information on the train that he once worked on. When he looks down again at his the iPhone, it provides him with a map indicating where the items of interest can be found.

The couple make their way to the display, where Bruce tells his wife all about the train and the reasons why it is no longer available. Janice looks at the images and model train on display, with Bruce pointing out the intricacies of its design. Janice wanders to other displays, while Bruce opens up the iPhone application again to read what the museum has to say about the artifact. Conveniently, the application remembers his previous query, which allows him to quickly get back to the Turbo Train description. He reads the initial description provided, but is unsatisfied with the level of detail it provides, and he presses the "read more" button below the body of text he was reading. The link takes him to a website that provides him with a level of detail that interests him, and he remarks to himself "hmm... I didn't know that".
As Bruce reads the description, Janice has made her way to nearby exhibit in the museum where she reluctantly touches the screen of one of the museum kiosks. The kiosk presents a series of options to view by different media, by type of train, and by year of production. Janice presses on the "view videos" option, as she would like to see the Turbo train in motion. When the video begins, Janice signals to her husband and says "Bruce, come over here an look at this". Bruce bookmarks the website for later reading, and puts the iPhone back in his iPhone holder (on his waist), and goes to see what his wife is looking at.

When he gets to the kiosk, the short video clip has ended, but Janice, now less reluctant to interact with the screen, presses the "replay" button. The two watch the video, while Bruce narrates to his wife and relays the new information he received through the iPhone application. Once the video is done, Bruce takes control of the kiosk as he wants to see what the oldest locomotive that the museum has on file. He navigates to the "browse by year of production" area, where he talks to his wife about the different locomotives using the visual aids on the screen as resources to fuel his conversation.

The two get curious about the other items located in the museum, and decide to take a stroll to see the other items on display. Periodically, Bruce opens up the iPhone application to receive more information on the locomotives, especially those items that he is less familiar with. He uses this information to inform his wife who is enjoying the opportunity to understand one of her husband's interests.
After an hour or so, the couple decide that they've seen enough, and as they exit the museum, Janice takes a physical brochure for keeps-sake as she does with all the places they have visited on their holidays.