FE all-hands, brainstorming, team 3

Team members:

  • Tona Monjo
  • Jason Eppink
  • Tom Scheinfeldt
  • Sivia Sadofsky
  • Heidi Hazelton

Specific thoughts:

  1. a protocol for transferring a digital asset from an interactive exhibit to one's mobile device
  2. create your own museum (interacting with the collection) that plugs into any museum you go to, can carry from museum to museum, accessible on your mobile device
  3. be able to write on (annotate) artifacts, virtual post-it note. hold up your phone, draw/add text right there, take it away
  4. virtual footprints/pathway.  see other peoples' paths, how they navigated the museum. trace a celebrity's path
  5. ambient music based on the gallery one is in (music from the period; compares/contrast with the work).  Not delivering information, delivering environment.

Expanding on two of these ideas:

Annotating Artifacts:
Mobile device detects the artifact and a tool set pops up allowing user to add text, draw on top of, add photo/video/audio to artifact.


  • play
  • user-generated content
  • social
  • staying connected with the museum


  • drawing, tagging, annotating
  • sharing, saving
  • real-time viewing of others' additions (screen in gallery)
  • share/collaborate


  • multitouch
  • tablet
  • stylus
  • object-recognition technology (image recognition, QR code, etc.)
  • user management to allow collaboration
  • sharing protocol

Digital Souvenir:
protocol for saving activities that occur in the galleries, keeping for self, sending to friends, and reusing


  • make experience more permanent
  • inspire visitors more to participate
  • earned income (Carl)


  • sharing, saving, sending


  • QR codes
  • bluetooth
  • link sent by SMS

Abstract thoughts:

  • use a mobile device to pull stories out of objects (how?)
  • the mobile device is not just in the gallery, but also outside the gallery.  knit the in-museum experience with outside-the-museum experience
  • some sort of communication from the museum every morning, to your mobile device. like an advent calendar