Mobile scenario (Paula the teacher)

Paula is a teacher at Pinetree Elementary School. She is teaching grade 3 this year, and likes to work with Ellen, who also teaches grade 3.

Paula and Ellen have decided on the topic of animals for their classes' art project this year. Since the Ceramics Museum is an excellent source of information, Paula plans an educational visit to the museum. Paula checks out the museum's website on her desktop computer. She uses the educational material available on the website to prepare the visit and to design the art course for her 3rd graders.

Since she would like to be guided during the visit, she looks for something that might help. She visits the museum's website on her iPhone and realizes that there are many self-guided tours for the current exhibitions. She selects the Animal Friends tour, designed specifically for elemantary school students, and goes through the tour to see if she could use it. Paula browses the tour, going from the general itinerary instructions to the specific information about each artifact covered. She adds information to some of the artifact pages: notes to herself as well as comments to share with her students during the visit.

Paula worries that Animal Friends might be too long for her students since it is a full-day gallery tour. She thinks it would be a good idea to mix up the gallery tour with fun activities to keep her students entertained. She looks through available activities on the website, and discovers that hands-on clay classes are offered at the museum. She selects "Animals" from the list of themes available for the clay class, then adds it to the itinerary.

Paula gives an overview of the Animal Friends exhibition at the Ceramics Museum to her class. The students are very excited about the visit, and can not stop talking about the different kinds of animal-shaped artifacts they are going to see. Paula gets to the museum with her students and is greeted by a museum staff, Joanne. Joanne leads the group through the exhibition and shares a number of fun facts about the artifacts that might be of interest to the 3rd graders. Joanne takes many breaks during the tour to allow students to explore and observe on their own. Paula is enjoying the tour as much as her students. She keeps a record of the interesting artifacts they have visited by typing in the object code into her iPhone. She also uses her iPhone to take pictures of her students working on their clay animals during the clay class, and types up some of their comments.

The visit to the museum has been a success. Paula goes over the artifacts she collected on her iPhone during the tour with her students later in class. She also uploaded some of the pictures and student comments from the clay class to the museum website. Paula sends her customized tour to Ellen, who plans on visiting the museum with her students the next day. Paula also saves the customized tour on the museum's website so that she can access it next term.