fluid-work IRC Logs-2009-06-30

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[08:33:49 EDT(-0400)] * Topic is 'Infusion 1.2 release at the end of August' set by michelled on 2009-06-30 08:33:49 EDT(-0400)
[08:42:41 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> good morning jamon
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[09:18:14 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> committer list: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/List+of+Current+Fluid+Committers
[09:20:31 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> hi michelled
[09:20:43 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> hi
[09:21:14 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I think we lost the svn plugin for JIRA in the upgrade
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[09:52:12 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> michelled: hmm, ohw long has it not worked?
[09:52:29 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> s/ohw/how
[09:52:47 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I think it stopped working when the upgrade happened but I'm not sure.
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[11:20:38 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> michelled: mind checking things now?
[11:23:43 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: michelled is in a meeting... I just checked and it looks like it is working. It isn't showing committs from today, but i'm not sure how long it takes to update.
[11:24:18 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: one other thing that i have noticed is that we are missing the icon for the sub-issues
[11:25:09 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> that is something we added ourselves... i can send you the image again if it is missing... or did the paths change?
[11:25:32 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> hmm, what's the file name, i can find it in the old instance I think
[11:25:55 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> probably sub_issue.GIF
[11:26:34 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> this is what it is looking for "/images/icons/sub_issue.gif"
[11:27:19 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> ok, checking Justin_o
[11:27:29 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: thanks
[11:33:09 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> Justin_o: not showing up anywhere, mind sending it to me?
[11:33:25 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: sure... i'll e-mail it to you
[11:33:48 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> cool
[11:34:31 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: e-mail sent
[11:36:48 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> ah i think i discovered the problem Justin_o, there's an fljira user and a jira user
[11:37:08 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> looks like a partial upgrade was done a while ago using jira, then things moved back to fljira
[11:37:32 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> so the codebase is in a couple spots with files in different spots
[11:37:52 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: interesting
[11:38:10 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> will it be possible to see if anything else is missing because of this?
[11:39:04 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> i can try, not familiar with where custom things live though so i'd be looking for something i don't know to look for (smile)
[11:39:25 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> that icon is in place, not sure if jira needs a restart to see it, try a force refresh in your browser first
[11:40:02 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: thanks... looks like its there
[11:40:07 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> great
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[11:41:01 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> the only other thing i've noticed that is missing is the greenhopper plugin (think that's what it's called), but i'm not sure if anyone used it
[11:41:34 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jamon: ^
[11:41:40 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> checking Justin_o
[11:42:29 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> thanks
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[11:46:14 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> jamon thanks! it's nice to be able to see the subversion commits again from JIRA (smile)
[11:52:49 EDT(-0400)] <jamon> Justin_o, michelled, ganymed and javasvn, those sound familiar as extra plugins too?
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[12:04:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> hmmm... not to me jamon.
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[14:45:08 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> fj4000, heidi, Justin_o, mackrauss: I'm going to rename the sandbox now
[14:45:16 EDT(-0400)] <fj4000> ok
[14:45:18 EDT(-0400)] <mackrauss> ok
[14:45:24 EDT(-0400)] <heidi> ok!
[14:45:27 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> okay...
[14:46:11 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac feels left out
[14:49:20 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> sorry anastasiac - I should have pinged you too (smile)
[14:49:23 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> it's done now
[14:49:30 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> (wink)
[14:49:37 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> Now I will search the wiki for links to sandbox and fix them
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