Notes from introductory call with MMI (April 22, 2009)

Some projects that the Museum of the Moving Image has in mind for Fluid Engage:
   1. Interactive animation stands: let people take their animations home with them, directly on their phone
   2. Remote controls for in-gallery video screens: use the phone to controls clips on the screen
   3. CollectionSpace integration:
       - scan a bar code, or wirelessly look up more information, get access to the collection
       - visitor can take that information home with them (ie. physical bookmarking)
   4. A location aware treasure hunt activity
   5. Location-aware triggered sound: not an fixed audio tour, but sounds cued based on context
       - say, David Lynch talking about the importance of sound while in an exhibit that covers sound in movies
• Not just physical bookmarking of objects already in the collection:
       - allow visitors to take home the results of their interactive activities
• eDoscent: a pilot mobile project run by MMI in 2000
       - problem they encountered was that people didn't necessarily want to follow up
       - the "here and now" is the key
       - need to incentivize the pre/post visit
• MMI has little interest in way finding; they have a small space, emphasize the value of getting lost
       - instead, want to approach this in an exhibit-driven way
       - preserve the primacy of the visitor to determine their own in-gallery experience
       - leave notes to person i know, tied to a physical location and artifact
• layered curatorial approach
       - a library: here's a collection of stuff
       - "our perspective:" advocated by the curatorial staff
       - invited experts: material assembled by filmmakers, for example
       - visitor's perspectives
       * goal: "to elevate the mundane, not denigrate the important"
• Carl suggested we take a look at other past mobile-related projects, such as the HandScape project