FE all-hands, brainstorming, team 8

Team 8: Epiphany Generator 1.0
People: Laurel W, Vicki Moulder, Michelle D'Souza, Titus Bickwell, Clayton Lewis, Hugues Bolly, and Jenifer Czajkinsli

Epiphany: a moment of sudden revelation.

Is a system for facilitating personal connections with the museum space and its' artifacts. With in this system a person browses places, dates and emotion, then choose an area of interest and then the system is presents them with the museums collections that map to the search.

  • connectivity could be tracked cumulatively documented to present community connections to the collection;
  • cognitive impairment needs could be addressed by people being able to connect to the museum collections/space; has much more universal appeal for all visitors but they have more tools available to them.
  • chronological search: by calendar - your birthday, today, periods;
  • emotional search: a user could search by sample by geography - where you live, have visited are interested in;

Examples: Multifaceted browsing


Viewing Device - mobile, large screen as part of the architecture

  • Spatial Computing
  • Touch Screen
  • Gestural Interface,
  • or projection – or motion tracking
  • Haptic Interface

Intelligent API - for searching places, dates and emotion
or emergent folksonomies.