Mobile scenario (Jeff and Rebecca)

Scenario for Wireframes

This is a scenario that lives with these wireframes. It will be updated and expanded as it influences the wireframes and as the wire frame influence it. The wireframes can be found at Mobile wireframes.

Museum Type: Art Museum
Stakeholder Type: Friend Group
Stakeholder Age: Adult
Stakeholder Style: Busy
Stakeholder Group: Small
Stakeholder language: English
Stakeholder Disability: N/A

Platform: Mobile
Platform Accessibility: Compatibility Accessible Application

Interaction Stage: During Visit
Interaction Time: Long
Interaction Goal: Planning, Social, Inspirational, Emotional, Playful
Interaction Motivations: Spontenaeity, Passions/Interests
Interaction Flow: Linear, Non-Linear
Interactions: Way Finding, Browsing, Looking at Content, Asking Questions, Interpreting, Improvising, Making Connections

Jeff is in town visiting Rebecca for a few days, and they are looking for fun things to fill their time. Rebecca uses this as an excuse to visit her local museum for the first time. They are in no hurry, and will stay in the museum as long as they are not tired, hungry or bored.

They notice people lining up at a booth for mobile devices. They check out two for themselves, and the first thing they do is turn it on and see what's on it. The main screen of the mobile application shows some of the current highlights of the museum, and they notice a feature exhibit that catches their eye. Clicking/touching that exhibit, they're sent to a screen with a list of themes the exhibition explores, and some "must see" artifacts from the exhibit. They like what they see, and head over to that exhibition.

Once they reach the artifacts, they move through the museum space quietly and autonomously. Jeff is quite taken by a painting he finds, and wants to know what other works are done by the artist or some background on the artist's life to learn some context behind the painting. He notices an object code on the label of the painting, whips out the mobile device, and punches in the code. He then clicks on "Related Objects" and choses to view the objects with the same creator, then sorts the list by object type. He sees that the museum has a collection of sketches by the artist that he will try to find later.

Rebecca, who is walking behind Jeff, sees a photograph that reminds her of a photographer who she saw in another museum somewhere else a few years ago. She doesn't remember the name but its on the tip of her tongue. She is really curious to know if there could be a few pieces by him here. She begins browsing the collection on her mobile device, she knows it was an artist who typically does portraits and he was very active in the 1950s. She filters the collection using the keywords, "portrait" and "photograph" and then sorts by year. She is thumbing through the results, and from the collection of photo portraits in the 1950s she finds some familiar, and clicks on it and recognizes the artist's name! She is so excited to have found these photographs. She catches up to Jeff to tell him about them. She goes through and "likes" a few of the photographs with the mobile device and adds them to her collection, both to mark them for finding in the museum space, as well as for future reference for after she leaves the museum. She explores the information on each of them one by one, and views other artifacts which visitors liked about the device.

Jeff and Rebecca continue through the collection pointing out some of the other things they have learned or that they liked. Jeff sits down for a while and watches several videos about some of his favorited items. Rebecca who lives in town continues to explore and add items to her collection. She has more of an incentive because she thinks she will be returning in the future with other friends. The pair continue through a few more collections and leave the museum an hour later.