Mobile storycards, home, draft 9


- See Home wireframes

Storycard 1: Display main menu items

- Header should read "McCord Museum" (in the appropriate language)
- Display main menu items in grid format, with at most three items per row
- Each item is composed of an icon and text title, both of which are tappable
- Items unavailable for Engage 0.3 should be greyed out and disabled (e.g., Collections, Visitor information)
- All text should be in the language selected by the user at the beginning of his/her first session

Storycard 2: Allow changing languages

Only one of the following options needs to be implemented.

Option 1: Allow language change via menu item (the "cheaper" option)

- Display a main menu item labelled "Change language"
- This item should link to the Language Selection page the user first saw when they first opened the application

Option 2: Allow language change via slidebar (may take more time to implement)

- Display a "Change language" bar at the bottom of the screen
- Tapping on the bar should slide out a drawer (animated slide, not sudden appearance) which lists the available languages in their native language
- Tapping one of the languages changes all the text on the screen to the selected language, and slides the bar shut (animated slide, not sudden disappearance)

Storycard 3: Allow login and logout (FOR BEYOND 0.3)


- On home screen, header should contain a "Login" button, which leads the user to a login screen (see wireframes)
- Email address text entry field should be automatically in focus once at the login screen
- Login screen requires only the user's email address
- Email address should be verified for correct formatting (i.e., x@*y.z) upon submit; incorrectly formatted email addresses should return an appropriate error (slide in error for 2 seconds, then slide out) and allow re-attempt
- Upon successful login, appropriate feedback that the user has been logged out is given before returning the user to the home screen (message persists for 2 seconds before transitioning back to the home screen)
- Once logged in, on home screen, header should contain a "Logout" button


- "Logout" button logs the user out and gives appropriate feedback that he/she has been logged out (slide in feedback for 2 seconds, then slide out)
- "Logout" button is replaced with "Login"

Storycard 4: Show number of items collected on 'My collection' item

- Text label under 'My collection' icon should indicate the number of objects stored in the current session's 'My collection' (e.g., "My collection (5)")
- If there are no objects stored, use 0 (i.e., "My collection (0)")

Storycard 5: Disable 'Enter object code' item for out-of-museum

- If the device is not using the museum's network, grey out and disable the 'Enter object code' menu item