Mobile user testing, User 1 (September 15, 2009)

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This user testing session provided a lot of helpful information to us. Documents that are informed by this information are listed below.

Demographic info

Note: User 1 was not a strict usability test & more of a walkthrough because at the time a working demo was not available. We described the interface to User 1 & he told us how we would use the application.


User 1





Comfort level with technology

Very comfortable

Assistive technology ? (e.g. Voice Over)


Museum Experience


User 1


How often do you visit a museum or a gallery?

Haven't visited recently. See:


Have you used a museum's mobile or web application? Y/N



If yes, what museum was it for? How was your experience? Would you use it again?



Mobile Experience


User 1

Do you own a mobile phone? If yes, what do you have?


How often do you use a mobile phone?

wasn't asked

How often do you surf the internet using your mobile device?

A few times a day

Task-oriented usability tests


User 1

1 - How would you go about finding more about the sleigh?

- Thinks that the ... or expand buttons lead to more information
  - Button should say "more information" rather than "expand" to guide the user

2 - want to mark it somehow so you can come back to it in the future. How would you do this?

- Add to collection if he is comfortable with this option and understand how it works
- However, "my collection" has to be easily discoverable
- needs to be apparent how you get back to "my collection"

3 - you decide to leave a note about the sleigh. How would you do this?

- Click on the comment link and would look for the form to add the comment
- Would also click on the tag link