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This page will be updated regularly and will contain information for the Fluid Engage all-hands meeting.

If you require special accommodations, please contact Jess Mitchell via email.


The Fluid Engage all-hands meeting will take place June 22-23 (or 26th) in Toronto, Canada at the University of Toronto. These meetings will be a chance for the Project Team to meet with the Advisory Panel, the Board of Directors, and each other. Meeting information will appear on this page. To "watch" this page click on the email link in the upper right and you will be emailed when there are changes.

I'm in Toronto, now what?

The meetings will take place in the Claude T. Bissell Building 140 St. George Street. It is a 5 minute walk from the Holiday Inn hotel and right beside and connected to the Robarts Library building. To situate yourself, see the map.


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Toronto Hotel Suggestions June 09


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When will you be joining us?

Attendance and Details List
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We're looking forward to seeing you all in Toronto in June!

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