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[09:59:19 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Justin_o: any idea how I go about obtaining Flash 9 (i.e. not the latest version)?
[09:59:35 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> yes... i'll send a link
[10:00:01 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html
[10:00:01 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I want to test Uploader in !E6/Flash 9, but my IE6 currently has Flash 6 installed (smile)
[10:00:34 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> that page should have all the versions of flash and even has a link to a downgrader if you want to switch between 10 and 9
[10:00:49 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> excellent - thanks! good to know...
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[11:37:02 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> so Justin_o: where do we stand with testing? How much more is there to do before we can move from Testing into Release?
[11:39:40 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: I think a couple of people are still finishing up some tasks but i think we can start moving forward
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[12:05:48 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: hello
[12:05:58 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> just checking in with you about release
[12:06:04 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> yes
[12:07:19 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> For testing we are going to stop at the High Priority tasks, do to time constraints. I think there are a couple of people still finishing up some tasks, but for the most part it is done
[12:09:11 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> You'll just be getting an email from me now, that requests someone to take a look at IE/Flash 10 for Uploader... I was seeing some errors during testing that were pretty ugly, but I suspect that it was a configuration problem on my machine.
[12:09:33 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> okay...
[12:09:43 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> i'll take a look
[12:10:09 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> wait, I have to restart my mail client
[12:10:30 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: sure...
[12:16:16 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: having some email trouble here... just sent from gmail
[12:16:28 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: thanks
[12:17:04 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: now it sent... sorry, you'll get it twice (tongue)
[12:17:20 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: yep just got it twice, (smile)
[12:18:18 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: so it looks like most of the High Priority tasks are complete
[12:18:38 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, I'm available to help with the Release process, just let me know what you need
[12:18:48 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: yes, pretty much
[12:19:05 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: great... just getting organized now and talking through testing with Justin_o
[12:20:29 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: I would have liked to have seen Uploader tested with IE8/XP, but we got an IE8/Vista so I suspect that we're good
[12:20:47 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> I'm comfortable saying that we're done with testing
[12:25:59 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: we never did check in any fixes for DOS line endings.
[12:26:04 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> elichochran - I'm doing the IE8 testing now
[12:26:27 EDT(-0400)] <laurel> i'm on the tests to fail - so i think we're pretty good
[12:26:34 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> I think that since we're done testing that we should do it at the beginning of 1.2 development and not for 1.1?
[12:26:39 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: oh.... didn't realize that
[12:26:48 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: makes sense
[12:26:59 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> I was waiting for some checkins to happen and then forgot
[12:27:48 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o, anastasiac: has debug mode been turned off yet?
[12:28:09 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, I think I looked into that one - what's the JIRA again?
[12:28:24 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Let me check
[12:28:30 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2728
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[12:28:36 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran: ^
[12:28:48 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> marked "won't fix"
[12:28:55 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> because it's already off
[12:29:14 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> ah great
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[12:29:29 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: just read the JIRA... sigh
[12:29:50 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> (smile)
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[12:32:40 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: would you like to start work on the ReadMe... I'll have a JIRA for you in a few minutes
[12:32:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, will do!
[12:33:46 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: thx
[12:34:12 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: I'm freezing the trunk!
[12:34:32 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, don't forget to email the list
[12:34:39 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> doing that now
[12:35:10 EDT(-0400)] * Topic is '*Release Day* trunk is frozen http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Release+Process' set by anastasiac on 2009-06-01 12:35:10 EDT(-0400)
[12:36:56 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: thanks
[12:45:20 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: i don't have a true IE6 flash 10, either, but it was working for me in vmware and in my ietester on vista
[12:46:50 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> OK, that's enough for me... I need to reconfigure my Parallels, installing IE8 seems to have made my sandboxed IE6 wig out... I suspect that it is no longer sandboxed (I used the MultipleIEs tool which I hope has been updated for IE8)
[12:46:54 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: thanks
[12:49:26 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: I cloned the whole ReadMe JIRA from the last release, including sub-tasks... I'm updating them now with the right tag
[12:49:37 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> only issue is that some of the assignments may not be correct
[12:49:37 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> cool, thanks!
[12:49:43 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> np
[12:50:12 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2862
[12:59:45 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: should fluid.fail be turned back on after the release or is this just the way it will be from now on?
[13:01:28 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, personally, I think it should be turned back on
[13:01:35 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> it is helpful for debugging
[13:01:47 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: I'll add it to the release process
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[13:17:08 EDT(-0400)] <laurel1> anyone out there who has test driven or worked on the UI Options tutorial
[13:17:49 EDT(-0400)] <laurel1> I'm thinking about removing the part of the tutorial that adds close functionality to the dialog.
[13:18:25 EDT(-0400)] <laurel1> and instead recommending using styling to hide the close - as colin suggested a true modal dialog shouldn't have the close button
[13:18:33 EDT(-0400)] <laurel1> any thoughts?
[13:19:06 EDT(-0400)] <laurel1> note that the tutorial right now gets an infinite loop if you do what is suggested
[13:28:41 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> laurel1: removing instructions that cause an infinite loop sounds like a good idea to me!!
[13:42:51 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: I think that I need to send out an email reminding folks of all the different sections of the Read Me that need to be considered
[13:43:12 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> wouldn't hurt (though I'm going over all of it myself
[13:43:27 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I've pinged michelled, fj4000 and Bosmon about their parts
[13:43:34 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: is there anything you would like me to look at, if nothing yet, I'm going to start cleaning up Jira
[13:43:57 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> I'm chatting with Bos right now... although his IM keeps crapping out
[13:44:43 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: would you go through the list of component statuses and decide if anything should be upgraded in status (or, god forbid, downgraded (wink))?
[13:45:03 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> don't think anything will be upgraded
[13:45:17 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: this is good lead up for you usual task of making sure that the Progress indicators are up to date
[13:45:21 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: great
[13:45:24 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> that's fine
[13:45:29 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> i wonder about pager - Bosmon was uncomfortable with calling it Preview because the API is going to be overhauled
[13:45:35 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: i'll double check though...
[13:46:04 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> michelled: Bosmon and I just talked about Renderer too which is due for an API overhaul
[13:46:21 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> michelled: wondering if downgrading the status of pager will imply that if they use 1.0 they will have a better experience
[13:46:30 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> that's a really good point Justin_o
[13:46:40 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> michelled and Justin_o: seems as though Preview is fine
[13:46:55 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Preview is still "Preview", the world can change
[13:47:20 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> OK, Bosman disappeared from IM completely now... glarg
[13:47:22 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: when is bosmon planning the Renderer overhaul for
[13:47:40 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: "next release"
[13:48:18 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: thanks
[13:52:10 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> laurel1: +1 for no close boxes on modal dialogs.
[13:54:19 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: are you still working on FLUID-2725?
[13:55:15 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: yes... sorry i'll mark that as closed
[13:56:15 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: I'm going to move http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2727 (DOS line endings) to 1.2, although it will be part of the 1.1 release process tag
[13:58:44 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: okay thanks
[13:59:42 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: it appears that the Resolve all blockers task was not created for this release (probably my bad), I'm going to create it now which will be your JIRA clean up task
[13:59:48 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> or did I miss it?
[14:00:08 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Justin_o, do you have a moment to double-check the "Supported Browsers" section of the README.txt?
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[14:00:32 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: i don't think there is one
[14:00:39 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: sure I'll take a look
[14:00:43 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> thanks
[14:00:53 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: thx
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[14:03:38 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: I lost Bosman on IM... I think that he's done with FLUID-2871, he reassigned it to me, but before going off, he mentioned that maybe something should be added about new Renderer decorators.
[14:04:01 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: I'm going to disappear for a couple of minutes
[14:04:16 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ok, I'll take care of the decorators stuff
[14:07:11 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: for IE 8, I'm not exactly sure how to word it... we did test with it. It is working for the most part, but I wouldn't call it fully supported just yet
[14:07:22 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> any idea for some intermediate support type terminology
[14:07:38 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm...
[14:14:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> elicochran: there is a problem with the 1.1 Known Issues filter. It's showing things that are 'fix for' 1.1 instead of the known issues. I tried to change it but I think you created it so you have to change it
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[14:16:08 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran_> I'm back
[14:16:14 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran_> but in a meeting
[14:16:43 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> probably that means you missed my message to you (smile)
[14:17:02 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I'll repeat it - no hurry to deal with it. after your meeting is fine
[14:17:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> elicochran_: there is a problem with the 1.1 Known Issues filter. It's showing things that are 'fix for' 1.1 instead of the known issues. I tried to change it but I think you created it so you have to change it
[14:17:55 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Justin_o: sorry - was distracted. Regarding IE8: the readme currently says "preliminary testing" - maybe change to "preliminary support" which implies support, but not full support?
[14:19:35 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran_> michelled: OK, I'll take a look at it
[14:24:08 EDT(-0400)] <alisonbenjamin> laurel1: FYI, I'm doing a more comprehensive a11y review of fluidproject.org. I'm about half-way done, and I would say the site is pretty great. For the bugs that are coming up, can we schedule a time this week to squash - or at least go over them...?
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[14:31:36 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: that sounds good...
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[14:32:36 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran_> michelled: would you check the filter now?
[14:34:45 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran_: do you want to add http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-1921 to the release process... it is for the readme and may already be finished
[14:35:21 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran_> Justin_o: I added the 1.1 release process tag
[14:35:33 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> thanks
[14:35:43 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> elicochran_: the filter looks good but we might want to explicitly select the 'affects versions' so that when bugs are fixed in the future they still show up in this filter
[14:36:31 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran_: thanks
[14:36:51 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> on that note, I wonder if our old filters are correct
[14:37:09 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> in fact - they are not. The 1.0 filter only show things that are still open
[14:40:06 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> michelled: we also have to make sure that it doesn't show previous issues that were fixed for the released issue. I.e. if it was an issue in 0.8 and fixed in 1.0
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[14:45:01 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran_: I'm not sure anyone actually got to this... http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2724
[14:45:32 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> i'm pretty sure it is okay though, as i was playing with the builds and didn't come across anything. but the devs may want to have a more formal look
[14:45:38 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> right, so we actually need to look for only things that affect the version we care about and we have to ensure that all the issues are correctly marked
[14:46:04 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> michelled: so that we could just have one version marked in each filter
[14:46:13 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ya
[14:46:14 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> so 1.1 would only have 1.1 as a version in it's filter
[14:46:17 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> makes sense
[14:55:21 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> anastasiac: I've updated my section in the README
[14:55:24 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> should I commit it?
[14:55:35 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> please! but update first
[14:55:41 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> others have been committing
[14:55:50 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I didn't bother to put an Table of Contents things in because it really is in sneak peek.
[14:55:57 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> sure
[14:55:57 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> do you think I should?
[14:56:08 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> no, I think that's a good call
[14:56:14 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: documentation question? On the components page on the wiki, should the grid reorderer point at its API page instead of a landing page, Also do we still need the name change warning box for the Image reorderer still
[14:57:49 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Justin_o: it should be pointing to a landing page, but Grid Reorderer doesn't have one yet (sad) so the API link is a work-around. Are you interested in creating a Progress Indicator for the Grid Reorderer? (wink)
[14:58:33 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> regarding image reorderer: we should probably still make the note, but perhaps less prominence would be appropriate at this point
[15:10:23 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: thanks... and I'll start to make a progress indicator for Grid Reorderer
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[15:45:38 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran: can I assume that you're reviewing the README with respect to uploader?
[15:45:58 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> anastasiac: yep
[15:46:11 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> not yet but I will
[15:46:18 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> k - there've been many commits, so do update
[15:46:31 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> yep
[15:52:15 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, do you know which versions of swfupload and swfobject we're using?
[15:52:49 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> SWFUpload
[15:53:03 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> not sure about SWFObject
[15:55:43 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> k, thanks
[16:06:44 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: did you see my comment about http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2724
[16:07:01 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> colinclark: Any chance of you having a look at http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-2870 today?
[16:07:23 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: yep, sorry, I'm just getting back from lunch and a meeting
[16:07:35 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> yep... np
[16:07:44 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> just wanted to make sure that you saw it
[16:07:52 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: ideally we'd have all the verious builds checked out
[16:08:35 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> sure so we can double check it when we are testing the release package?
[16:08:53 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> or should we just have the lead for each component review the json file for the build?
[16:09:26 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: is there an easy way to see what files have been added and removed since the last release?
[16:09:34 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> there must be a way to do this in SVN
[16:09:43 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> with out a complete diff of the source
[16:11:00 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> hmm... not sure
[16:11:30 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> I would say you could check creation dates, but not sure how to do that easily either
[16:11:51 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: ^
[16:12:56 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: I'm trying a regular diff at the directory level... I'm hoping that this will give me an overall sense of where there could be problems with dependencies
[16:13:20 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> okay... that's a good start for sure
[17:02:45 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> anastasiac: Just getting to your ping now...
[17:02:52 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Is this something you guys need me to do?
[17:02:59 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Or is it something someone else could pick up?
[17:05:21 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o and anastasiac : I have a list of the files that were added to 1.1
[17:05:49 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> colinclark: who would you suggest is familiar with what's been done wrt the framework since 1.0?
[17:05:59 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Anyone, maybe?
[17:06:15 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> I guess it's mostly a matter of taking a look at the commit logs for 1.1
[17:06:24 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> elicochran: lots i would imagine... if it includes the renamed files
[17:06:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ok, I'll have a go
[17:06:55 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> Justin_o: I filtered those out, also the CSS files
[17:07:28 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> elicochran, I have to head out now - but I'll finish up with the README tomorrow morning
[17:07:54 EDT(-0400)] <elicochran> great... we'll all pick up tomorrow... I'll be working on some other tasks in the meantime
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