Kiosk design activities

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This page fleshes out the details of all the areas where work needs to be done to successfully implement a kiosk at DIA.

The casual test results concluded with the realization that there are five interconnected areas within the design space; (1) Introduction; (2) Kiosk UI Design; (3) Printed Brochure Design; (4) Kiosk Design; and (5) Maintenance Utility UI Design. The focus of this WIKI page is to identify each area and post possible design plans.

Kiosk Design Goals: The kiosk will assist visitors to browse the DIA by 'theme' with the ability to print 'the predefined tour and associated galleries' on demand. In this case the museum staff would have to write, design and upload the predefined tour content to the system so that the visitors could make selections.

* draft Iteration 04 Wireframes

* revised drawings

Use case

2.2 and 2.4 are the scenarios we've fleshed out to inspire the kiosk visual design activities.

Kiosk UI Design

With in the UI design of the we are current working: (a) Portal Screen View; (b) Theme Browse Screen View; (c) Select Tour Screen View; (d) Print Confirm Screen View

(a) Portal Screen View
This screen view will allow users to make decisions about viewing general items such as in order of priority:

  • Browse Gallery Themes
  • What's on today
  • View the map
  • make a language selection

(b) Browse Theme Screen View
Results from the casual user testing proved that the cover flow interaction model allowed people with the ablity to browse themes and make a selection with ease.

(c) Selection Tour Screen View
We are thinking of a multi-model screen design with a page that slides out of the right hand side of the screen interactons would include:

  • Theme Information
  • Associated galleries with the ability to unselect a gallery and shorten the duration of a tour
  • Enables people to view the map

(d) Print Confirm Screen View
Enable people to view their print progress and where to pick it up.

(e) What's On
This screen view allows visitors to learn what's on at the Gallery today:

  • Browse current events

Printed Brochure
  • Once we have finalized the kiosk UI designs we will look at the design of the printed brochure.

Physical location

where will this live in the DIA?


We have a lot of research to do here – questions that come up:
multi-touch or no?
screens – vendors?
we're thinking something like 40" – larger than airport kiosk; more collaborative and social than a one-by-one kiosk interaction.


how will staff update information.

Industrial design of kiosk

Design of the kiosk; building

First glance interaction / signage

We need a metaphor that is familiar to the visitors – one that makes it clear what they can do and are doing.