Open Source Design Pattern Library group meeting - 06-18-08


  1. Discuss answers to Phase 1 - High-level OSDPL Discussion Questions & Answers 3, 5, 6, & 9. Finalize answers to these questions if possible.
  2. Discuss Question 7: Where can the group discuss these questions?
    1. How is the process of answering and processing the responses to these questions going?
    2. How should we handle it going forward? (mailing list, wiki, OSDPL forums?)
  3. Are there other Phase 1 - High-level OSDPL Discussion Questions & Answers we should talk about now?
  4. Creating FAQs for the OSDPL itself
  5. Upcoming Meetings & New meeting structure
    1. Meetings on hold until after the Sakai Conference - next meeting July 9th.
    2. Weekly meetings alternating between pattern (creation & review) work and pattern library infrastructure work
  6. OSDPL Card sorting activity at the upcoming Sakai conference?


Allison Bloodworth, Daphne Ogle, Erin Yu, Jonathan Hung, Clayton Lewis, Jess Mitchell, Paul Zablosky

Meeting Notes

Question 3. How does OSDPL add value to Fluid?

  • It captures the conversations we've been a part of
  • audience : OSDPL working group as well as people external
  • bulleted list: helps us keep on track with regards to our design goals.

Question 5. How will this library add value to the existing libraries, how is it different?

  • "It will be different from other libraries because patterns will be dynamic and current, editable, and adaptable by everyone." - more about the content being dynamically adaptable.
  • How do we keep the design patterns library relevant, and make people come back and take/update contents? It will be maintained by the community.

Question 6. What is the scope of Design patterns?

  • Initially we would like to focus on interaction design pattern, centered around human behavior that helps us make design decisions. Iterative approach where we build upon each others' contribution.
  • Write an FAQ to specify the appropriate genre for external contribution. Consider in the future: design principles, programming patterns, behavioural/HCI patterns, etc.
  • Invite interested contributors to our working group meetings.

Question 9. How can we foster a community to advise and assist with the creation of the patterns library?

  • Let's not spend too much time recruiting, but do evangelize people (go to conferences, demos, etc.)
  • Eventually reach out to communities like IxDA, etc.
  • Approach designers and developers alike.
  • Targeting developers' communities specifically might be a good way of evangelizing. Provide them with design help and turn what they are doing into design patterns to benefit the community.

Answering and discussing questions on the email list vs. wiki

  • Some preferred email list, some preferred wiki. Let people do what they are comfortable doing, but there are administrative challenges with this.
  • Wiki: if everyone's adding to the wiki, it's hard to see the changes. Make everyone use convention "Name: comments"
  • Mailing list: People just answer the question they are interested in, conversations get lost, hard to tell where to jump in.
  • We'll use both, the "lead" for each phase will take discussions from the mailing list and post on wiki.

How can we get the word out about where and how we are discussing this?

  • Fluid-talk, talk to people at conferences, continue to advocate for patterns coming in

Second round on the Questions

  • Capture and edit based on our discussion today, finalize, and send it out.

Changes in meeting structure

  • We are all busy until Paris, so no meetings until after Paris.
  • Next meeting: July 9th. Daphne leading. review of existing patterns.
  • Future meetings: About architecture/new members of the community reviewing existing patterns/review and working session.
  • Alternating meetings: high-level question/ working on patterns