Open Source Design Pattern Library group meeting - 08-20-08

OSDPL group meeting - 08-20-08


Paul Zablosky, Jonathan Hung, Daphne Ogle, Allison Bloodworth, Jess Mitchell, and Erin Yu.

Scope of the meeting

  • Overview of the direction Governance is taking.
  • Non-technical discussion (implementation, systems, and technology to be discussed at a later phase).
  • This is all work in progress and open to refinement. Please contribute!


  1. Overview of Phase 2 - Governance
    • Discuss governance questions and issues
    • Authoring process feedback
  2. Overview of OSDPL Charter
    • Charter questions and issues


Should draft patterns be publically viewable?

  • Public drafts encourages transparency and collaboration.
  • Should offer an option where author can specify if they want drafts public.
  • Drafts should be clearly marked.
  • segregate drafts from polished content by login or a separate content area.
    • logging in may not be an approach we would like to take to make the site more usable.

Co-authoring with draft patterns

  • open pattern drafts allows for others from other backgrounds to lend their perspectives.
  • technically how can this be accomplished?

Authoring Process

  • User test this?
  • Send questions to diverse audience to get feedback. (designers/developers/etc).

What makes a good design pattern?

  • answer will evolve (put this in the charter?)
  • granularity: do we link or include basic DPs?
    • what about sub-patterns within DPs (i.e. progress bar in the File Uploader).
  • Is content on the OSDPL design or a design pattern? We'd like to be a design pattern, so be wary of being too prescriptive.
  • design patterns are informed by best practices
  • not too prescriptive - general and not too component specific
  • But can be specific - useful as examples and illustrations


  • Open Source projects often fork from the original if the changes are significant and original author involvement is not possible.


  • communities contributing their own patterns that may not be general.
    • "What makes a good design pattern" guideline may help.
    • What do you do with this community specific content that makes its way to the OSDPL?