October 26, 2007 Design Meeting

Design / UX Team Meeting


October 26, 2007


Conference Code: 350
PIN: 72524
Telephone: 812-856-7060 


Daphne, Allison, Barbara, Colin, Mike, Paul, Kathy



Colin on Planning:

  • Much of what we are working on informs and is related to design
  • Our goal is to focus on component design and development and whatever drives that work forward

Each group coordinator went through their project plans (see above link in agenda):

  • Design Patterns & UX Toolkit - Allison
  • UX Walkthroughs - Paul
  • User Testing - Barbara
  • uCamp - Barbara
  • Component Design & Development (File Management & Navigation Problem Spaces) - Daphne & Colin
  • Content Management Research - Daphne

Daphne showed story cards for Research & Components at www.cardmeeting.com, Meeting ID: M2895.

  • Seems like product will be useful to us
  • Component cards at right level
  • Research needs to be rolled up a bit 

Planning moving forward:

  • We'll do Roadmap level planning using fairly high-level chunks from the project plans (4 - 6 cards per project)
  • Once we prioritize chunks, detailed planning will happen

Next Steps:

  • Group Coordinators to create story cards in the Fluid UX Activity Planning in www.cardmeeting.com space - Meeting ID: M2895 (ask a Coordinator or other meeting attendee for the password), including descriptions & time estimates
  • Next meeting on Tuesday will be 2 hours & will focus on prioritizing and planning to create a Roadmap
    • Estimate in person-days
    • Estimates are a "gut feel" at this point