October 23, 2007 Design Meeting

Design / UX Team Meeting

When:  October 23, 2007

Where: Fluid Breeze Room

Conference Code: 350
PIN: 72524
Telephone: 812-856-7060 


Daphne, Allison, Eli, Shaw-Han, Barbara, Colin, Gary, Mike Elledge, Kyle Russell, Paul, Erin, Kathy


  • Discuss card sorting applications Allison sent out - recommendations
  • Review & discuss Colin's 1000 ft view of current work
  • Review project plans for Working Groups
    • Component Design & Problem Spaces (File management & Navigation) - Daphne, File Management & Navigation Project Plan
      • Navigation
        • More Tabs design - Allison & Shaw-Han
          • 2.5 - almost complete
          • 2.6 - on hold until more user research done
    • User Research Project - Daphne, Research Project Plan, Relation to other UX Projects
    • Design Patterns / UX Toolkit - Allison
    • UX Walkthroughs - Paul
    • User Testing - Barbara
    • UCamps - Barbara
      • JA-Sig - implementing re-orderer as uPortal tabs
      • Sakai - implementing reorderer in Sakai?
  • Lightbox (finalizing & testing & integration) - Daphne, Barbara & Shaw-Han
  • Planning
    o High level planning in project chunks?
    o Granular activity planning within the working groups
    Thoughts on our status board - where should it live? What's the form?



  • High level overview of ongoing projects
  • Coming out of "quick win" mode
  • Need to start thinking about new components to feed into dev process


  • Diagram of how the User Research will feed into component development
  • Top down research supporting bottom-up development


  • Still some design work left to do, preparing to use Reorderer at uCamps.

User Research Project Plan

  • How do we carry this out, who will be working on it?
  • Perhaps 3 or 4 designers from different institutions
  • How do we research Sakai and Uportal at the same time
  • Do they have the same personas and scenarios and personas
  • Is there enough overlap between them, or is it really 2 different projects?

How to prioritize the work, next steps?

  • Should we break out into smaller groups, or should everyone be involved in all activities?
  • Still looking for a project manager to help with co-ordination

How to move forward?

  • Everyone should review project plans
  • Perhaps we need to get all tasks into cardmeeting, and prioritize in there?
  • Each project should probably have it's own meeting

Oct 31 Release

  • Heuristic Walkthrough needs to be cleaned up so we can publish it
  • DND Design Pattern published

Next Meeting will be Friday, Daphne will co-ordinate time offline.