Berkeley Meeting (Harriet & Daphne) Oct 2007

My files, my space -

  • Smart tags/folders/playlist are auto-created
    • Sites
    • Recent
    • Shared
    • Dates
    • Smart tags could be be related to the file type
  • Can create your own tags/folders/playlist
  • Files cam live in multiple tags/folders/playlist
  • Can access from anywhere
  • Files owned by me and shared with me
  • Can remove or put in trash
  • Reorder is used to move / or copy files around

To Do:

-  Look at smart playlist for itunes

- Capture screen shots of interesting competitive analysis 

Need a tag cloud someplace? Easier to recognize while browsing than recall to search.  We want both though.
Class outline / syllabus tool

  • View of files that are course content organized in a specific way
  • Work with files happens in context
  • Can upload the files in the context of the work (Image Gallery for instance) and it gets added to my files automatically
  • What else are files in resources used for?
  • Student view & TA view -- or is the TA View outside a site?
    • Could have "Shared with TA's" then each TA's name within for files only shared with them.  What about files shared with 2 or 5 TAs'?  "Also shared with"


  • Would be great to drag drop
  • Need to upload multiple files at once - desktop uploader tool?  webdav?  adding tags?

Use again Finder

Need a way to look at detailed information about files

  • See Koral file sharing - screen shots on flickr
  • Clicking on the link shows the information,  user must click "download to download"


  • What about I have a syllabus that is a PDF and just want it to display in-line?
  • Upload a file, then change it on your hard drive, can we check and ask them if they want to upload the newest version?
    • Koral "watches" for changes of files you uploaded and asks
    • Also looks for changes to the files on the web and asks if you want to update them on your harddrive
    • So the system helps you keep your hard drive and application files synched
  • Tools handle any changes to the  file.  Should think about needs for changing files in each tool.
  • Is my workspace a special case?  Perhaps we come back to it?  We can't remember what our concern is right now - perhaps too many files to handle in one place.

Other functionality asked for:

  • Versioning
  • Security - file live in My Workspace and then used in sites
  • Do users want a file to be viewed in many places as the same file or do they want copies available in many different contexts
  • Should users be able to use the resources as a presentation of the files or can something like the resources viewer replace that piece of functionality
    • Resources viewer
    • Can add multiple instances of resources viewer to the tool menu
  • Blackboard users depend on being able to hang things off the menus -- add content at the top level navigation

Next Steps:

  • Hattie & I will work on rough drafts of what this looks like
  • Test against scenarios
  • Flesh our user cases in resources to make sure we are covering everything
  • Think through questions above
  • Think through information you can add to a file now (conditional release, timed release)