Yu Jin Young, Graduate Student -- Teaching Assistant

Secondary Persona - Yu Jin Young

Graduate Student - Teaching Assistant


Yu Jin is in his second year of graduate school.   He's very busy juggling classes, teaching and doing his research.  He spends a lot of time on the web doing research for studies.  He enjoys the required teaching as part of his PhD program but feels he is being pulled in a million directions and doesn't have as much time as he'd like for it.  

The course instructor depends on Yu Jin to manage the course worksite.  He tends to use the help documentation on site when he hits snags since he doesn't want to seem inadequate to Professor Wilson.  This is his first time teaching so he tends to organize and use the site based on his personal expectations.  

  • To get noticed for the work he's doing including getting good teaching ratings from students
  • Finish his PhD as quickly as possible and move on
  • Be respected by faculty and fellow PhD students
  • Get published while in school
Level of Expertise

Comfortable with computers and the web.

  • Ppt for images
  • Word for "lecture guide"