Andrew Devall, Principle Investigator

Persona - Andrew Devall

Principle Investigator


Andrew runs a large environmental research project based out of Indiana University.  The team members are disparate across many different institutions, including Northwestern, Tufts, Colorado University, University of Arizona and Stockholm University. His PI status makes him the 'defacto' manager of the collaborative site his team is using.  The potential administrative time commitment for this worries him a bit.  Site ownership also implies he owns the process and content for the site but he wants to make sure this is a collaborative effort...not hierarchical.

He has not met all the team members face to face and is concerned that the various institutions don't understand each other's nuances and hierarchies.  Andrew wants to allow for these without constraining others (i.e. some subgroups don't want everyone to see their stuff while Andrew feels comfortable with things openly shared).


* To focus on research and spend as little time as possible doing administrative work.
* Efficiently share project information with the rest of disparate team
* Meet project deadlines
* Keep appropriate project information confidential
* Share appropriate information with outside partners such as grant agencies
* Capitalize on momentum from face-to-face meetings since the budget only allows them to happen once a quarter.

Level of Expertise

Comfortable using computers and has used some collaborative software programs like IM, email, tele and video conferencing.