CI Meeting Jan. 18, 2008


Overall Scope changes

  • Research Goals
    • Focus on the next components in the plan and identifying new ones -- requirements & design
      • Upload
      • File metadata and information - presenting, adding, editing???
      • Paging
    • Personas versus profiles - profiles this round to inform personas in later phases
    • Move creation of new file management framework to later phases when we have a more comprehensive picture? -- more CIs now?
    • Guides will be updated to meet new goals

Recruiting users

  • Instructors - T & S, previous contact, other team members (Berkeley instructors identified)
  • Students - other team members
  • TA's - ask instructors we talk to

Team Communication Plan

  • Meet once a week as a team to review, reflect, etc.
  • Partners process CIs ASAP afterwards (if at all possible before the next one)
  • Processed notes are posted on wiki
  • Other?

What sort of a timeline are we looking at?  How much time do people have?

When is the next time we will all be in the same room -- can we take advantage of it for modeling activities?

Activities we can start now

  • Create consent form
  • Start lining up users
  • Review our Contextual Inquiry Guide & create student & TA version
  • Other?

What else?