Brad Dieger, Faculty training and support

Persona - Brad Dieger

Faculty training & support


Brad works full-time for the University of Pennsylvania helping faculty use their LMS in innovative ways to support their teaching.  He's also responsible for handling incoming support issues that get elevated from the 'tier 1' support level.  His favorite part of his job is working face to face with faculty solving problems.  He's often frustrated by the limitations of the LMS, but also finds it a challenge to create clever workarounds.  He loves when new faculty come him based on a reference from other faculty he has worked with.

Brad is frustrated by the monotonous administrative activities required of him to help with support, like archiving sites.  This takes away from the work he enjoys and is most valuable to faculty in his mind.


* Be good at his job
* Be thought of highly and as "clever" with the LMS by faculty he works with
* Spend the majority of his time working face to face with faculty in training sessions or one on one solution meetings.

Level of Expertise

Working in faculty support for 5 years.  5 years experience with current LMS but just learning the new system they are switching over to.