(C4A) Preference Editor frame mockups for iteration 2

Functions for iteration 2

Initiating new user (space 4)

1. welcome page > selecting 'get started'

2. default 'my preferences' tab > selecting 'speak text' preset

2b. adding/removing presets from 'my preferences' tab

By default for new users, 'my preferences' tab is populated with a few presets. Presets can be added and removed using the 'star' icon in space 4. 

Note: Adding/removing presets is unavailable for iteration 2, since all preferences tab is not available to re-add removed presets. 

3. modification made >  selecting 'use on other devices'

On initial use 'use on other devices' takes users to account sign-up screen. After an account is created, 'use on other devices' allows users to save and apply made changes for other devices/contexts. 

Without selecting 'use on other devices', modifications are only applied to the current device. Changes are applied live to the device, except when editing sets for other devices after users have created an account. 

4. account sign-up

Note: For iteration 2 users would only be given login key.

5. account created > exiting editor

Notification: 'Base set created'.

Once users have created an account, context-specific sets can be created and account settings can be edited.

Note: 'Manage sets' button (access to space 5) is unavailable for iteration 2. 'Account settings' is also unavailable, 'account' button can be replaced with 'log-out'. 


Quick adjustment (space 3)

Applied live to the system, and not saved to the preference server.

6. reopen for logged users (later session) > limited tool > modifying primary adjuster

When application is re-opened logged-in users are shown 'my preferences' view only: presets and primary adjuster can only be modified.


7. selecting 'full editor' for access to more options

Changes are applied to current device only, users can save changes for other devices through the full editor. 

Saving adjustments to the preference server (space 4)

8.  entered full editor > selecting 'use on other devices'

Notification: 'Modified Base Set'.

8b.  accessing 'undo'

Beside save, a notification indicates the last change. On hover, an 'undo' button is available. Users can undo multiple times. 

9. saved modifications > selecting 'account'

Notification: 'Base Set saved'.

Selecting 'use on other devices' updates other devices using the same set. 

Logging out (space 4)

10. 'account' drop-down > selecting 'logout'

Note: 'Settings' is unavailable in iteration, 'account' button can be replaced with 'log-out' button. 

Loading a set (space 4)

11. welcome page > selecting 'login'


12. login form

Note: For iteration 2 login would only require a key input.

13. preferences loaded

Notification: "Base Set applied".

Preview (space 4)

14. increase size preset activated > primary adjusters revealed


15. preview window provided for appearance adjusters

In space 4 a preview window is available for appearance preference adjusters. Audio feedback is provided for screen reader adjusters. Preview window is not available in space 3, as a live preview would always be available. 

Loading a modified set (space 4)

16. Logging out without selecting 'use on other devices'

17. Logging back in on the same device

18. Last modification made on current device are applied

Notification: "Modified Base Set applied".

Limiting features (space 4)

19. Space 4 with no access to space 5

Some implementations of space 4 would not allow managing preference sets on other devices, space 5 (such as a public device that wants to limit time spent). In these cases, the 'manage sets' and 'account settings' features would be removed. A user can only effect preferences on other devices if they are using the same preference set. Preferences would be modified on the current device then saved to the cloud through the 'use on other devices' button.

Functions not in Iteration 2

All preference tab (space 4)

all preferences list
curated categories
recommended preferences
search field

Manage sets (space 5)

create new (context-specific) sets
from base set
from device setting import
apply set to current device/context
edit sets for other devices
context (device, application, time, location)
share sets
copy snapshot of set link / email link from editor
download snapshot of set file
sync set via email (other methods?) & stop sync
receive set
directly in set panel
from other tools (Explore Tools, First Discovery Tools, PCPs)
set history
update device preferences with set edited on another device
automatic update on devices with unmodified set
optional update on devices with modified set

Account settings (space 5)

authentication settings 
username (or email) / password
QR code
recommendations settings
matchmaker settings



Activity spaces
  1. First Discovery
  2. Explore (with option to store)
  3. Choose for the moment (and not store)
  4. Adjust preferences (and store)
  5. Manage stored preferences

More information on these spaces can be found in the GPII Wiki



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