Questions for the Group to Consider (preliminary)

Information on this page may not be current

For the latest information about the development of the OSDPL, visit the OSDPL Roadmap.

  • How can patterns add value to the Fluid community?
  • What do we mean by "design patterns"? 
    • What is the proper granularity for a design pattern?
  • Who is our audience?
    • Programmers, UX Designers, Jr. UX Designers
    • Individual Fluid apps, all Fluid apps, other university websites & applications, all websites & applications
  • What do our target users need?
  • How many design patterns do we want to include?
    • Should we seed our library from the Sakai Design Patterns Library?
    • Do we want to include only patterns which relate to our components?
      • Will Kuali Student require more general design patterns?
  • What is our scope?
  • How can we assist with the generation of the overall Fluid Component package?
    • Patterns, style guide (question) , component code, component implementation instructions (design & technical)
  • How do we want to present the information?
    • Wiki, Content Management system
    • How to classify the patterns/organize the information (hierarchy, tags, search, links to component code)?
    • Should we use PLML (Pattern Language Mark-Up Language) to facilitate re-use of our library?
  • How can we help our target users find what they need?
    • Indexing, search, tags, dynamic generation of examples for each application
  • How does the Fluid DP library relate to/borrow from other DP libraries? What value do we add?
  • How can we ensure the Fluid DP library remains relevant/lives on?
  • Who will be members of the group?
  • When/how often should we meet?
  • What are the first tasks we'd like to begin working on? Longer-term tasks/general project plan?
  • What does the OSDPL have to offer that goes beyond what other pattern libraries offer?