(PGA) Sketches and Ideas


Connected LEGO blocks - Idea for learning preference survey

  • learner is asked how they prefer to be instructed.
  • On the screen there are blocks labelled: "Read the material", "Verbally taught", "Time to think", "Shown a demonstration", "Hands-on Experiment", "Group discussion" etc.
  • The user is asked to arrange the blocks in the order which they prefer to learn.
  • Blocks can be duplicated (i.e. "Time to think" can occur multiple times), and blocks can occur in parallel (i.e. Shown a Demonstration and Hands-On Experiment can happen side by side)
  • Answers to these questions can help determine what kind of content a user prefers, the tools they want, and more.
  • To see the effects of their choices, an example content is delivered in their preference and they can adjust their preferences and the example content reacts accordingly.