Mobile wireframes (Draft 8)

Key features for Engage 0.3
  • List of exhibits
  • Exhibit information
  • Browsing of artifacts by exhibit
  • Exhibit feedback
  • Artifact information
  • Artifact feedback
  • Collecting artifacts
  • Bringing the personal collection home
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Home page

Artifact view

Default/collected/description expanded

Default artifact view (collapsed, landscape, V1)

Default artifact view (collapsed, landscape, V2)

Default artifact view (collapsed, portrait, V2)


* This screen, along with the portrait-style versions, is the default artifact view

* Navigation actions (back, home, previous, next) and primary actions on the artifact (collect, send, comment) are part of the header--the header should be persistent and unmoveable while on this screen (i.e., if the user flicks the screen upwards, everything moves upwards except for the header, which remains visible)

* Primary metadata in this mockup is title ("Burning of Hayes House, Dalhousing Square, Montreal."); generally, title will be primary for 2D objects (photographs, paintings, etc.), and name will be primary for 3D objects (furniture, clothes, etc.)

* Tombstone configurability: what goes on the tombstone label/metadata (creator's name, date, accession number in this wireframe) and the order it goes in should be configurable--museums differ in the configuration of their tombstone labels (e.g., some museums will want to put the accession number on, while others not); museums might also want to configure this differently within different collections (need to inquire further on this)

* Panel configurability: panels ("Audio and video", "Comments", "Tags" in this case) should be toggleable by the museum (not all museums will have a tagging system for objects, for instance); they shoud additionally be reorderable by the museum

|| Collected artifact view (collapsed, landscape) || Description expanded ||

Default artifact view (collapsed) (w/real image)

Artifact with more than one image (w/real image)

Tag panel/entry

Tag panel expanded (read-only)

Tag panel expanded (read/write)

Tag entry (V1)

Tag entry (V2)

Comments panel/entry

Comments panel expanded

Comment entry

Media panel

Media panel expanded

Related artifacts

Also enjoyed

Code entry

Object code entry

My collections

Default "My collection" (grid)

Reorganizing "My collection" (grid)

"My collection" (list)

Reorganizing "My collection" (list)

Exhibitions browsing

Main screen

Highlighted exhibition

Upcoming panel

Upcoming exhibition page

Set reminder for upcoming exhibition


* Current exhibitions display only the final date.

* The "Event today" icon alerts in case today there is a related event. Includes guided tours.

* Travelling exhibitions are included as part of the Current Exhibitions group.

* The initial information for Travelling exhibitions includes its current location.

* The user can set an email reminder, to receive an email the day before the exhibition begins.


Main screen

About... page

About... with an expanded panel


Events - upcoming

Events - no events today

Guests' book

Guests' book - add comment

Audio and video

Seeing a video from Audio and video

Catalogue with 2 levels - list

Catalogue with 2 levels - grid

Catalogue with 1 levels - list

Catalogue with 1 level - grid

Catalogue - a section (grid)

Catalogue - a section (list)

Catalogue - artifact's page

Collections browsing