Forms & User Input Problem Space

Calendar (Priority 1 / Applicable to all)

  • Sakai - Add calendar item in context - in Sakai the user can't click inside calendar to begin creating new item.  This is a basic expectation based on many other calendars out there.
  • Moodle - Moving from month to month on mini-calendar on topics page jumps screen to top of page; have to scroll back down to see calendar.
  • Moodle - access for adding calendar events nonintuitive and unconventional - Clicking on th date in the topics=page mini-calendar does now work, nor does clicking on the event type buttons/links below th calendar; have to click on the month heading.  No help file.

Form Layout (Priority 2b / Applicable to all)

  • Form layout and semantics
  • Labels need to be connected to input fields
  • Group like information
  • Buttons should be consistent and have explicit naming, etc.
  • Text Input Box - use consistent & good design practice (right size box for expected content size, feedback about where they are if constrained entry, etc.).  Currently these are inconsistent within apps.

Form creation (Priority 3 / Applicable to uPortal & Sakai)

  • Schedule > Fields - this page edits the "add field" form but it's quite confusing -- both what it does and how to do it.  Should there be some alignment with OSP form building  functionality.

Date / time picker (Priority 2b / Applicable to all)

  • Date Picker should be consistent within (and across) apps.  It should be useable and accessible
  • Common date control (open/close/hide/show/release/retract)
  • When viewing calendar, you can't navigate beyond the 3 months showing on a screen.  You can only navigate day by day.

Email address entry (Priority 3 / Applicable all)

  • There are common expectations about how you add an email address, especially adding multiples.  Users should be able to copy & paste from their email client's "to" field, etc.   

WYSIWYG Editor (Priority 2b / Applicable all)

  • WYSIWYG Page Builder - kind of wiki-like but simple editor that creates a page like syllabus.
  • Syllabus builder / manager - Current syllabus tool is extremely difficult - hard to even figure out what is going on and what the particular model is (Sakai)
  • WYSIWYG Editor - like what is currently in Sakai but use one consistently across the board that is accessible and usable.
    • lack of labeling & difficulty in exiting text field - does not work according to convention
  • When editing text in text entry resource window cannot paste formatted Word text - formatting lost (Moodle)
  • When we drag and drop an image into a table the image breaks.  The same happens when we drag and drop from cell to cell (Moodle)
  • Procedure for deleting and adding a row-column was not obvious.  We initially didn't know the functionality of editing "icons" (with 'X' and arrows).  Only learned that "X" deleted row after clicking on it.  And then guessed that arrows were meant to move rows up or down.

Calendar (Priority 1 / Applicable all)

Form Feedback (Priority 1 / Applicable all)

  • Lack of clarity about proper from "submit" actions
  • Form error notifications
  • Form validation