FE all-hands, brainstorming, team 6

Digital Souvenir
Booth with a green screen, with a tv that is playing video of the

Sports hall of fame
live sports, role playing as sports caster

Monitoring flow of people using cell phone triangulation
mapping flow of people
Relating objects to each other
information visualization
objects that are far apart might have close relationship in the visitor's mind

"every object tells a story"

In a museum, the artifacts are arranged in a way defined by the curator. but often the visitors don't follow that path the curator intended. and they are finding
connecting things together and creating pathway - across museums
personal highlights
collecting objects that are the same - for research

send your media into the museum
linking images outside with the images from within the museum

expanding collage
of visitor generated content - pictures

an algorithm to collect twitter,
using an exhibition,
display relevant blogs, flicker photos, etc outside
inside the museum