Mobile Scenario (Bruce & Janice at an Art Museum)

Bruce and Janice are an older couple (in their 60's) vacationing in Ontario. Bruce is a tech saavy father, who tries to keep himself updated on all the new gadgets he reads about in computer magazines, while Janice is a technophobe who has a fear of breaking anything that has a keyboard and mouse attached to it. Being recent empty-nesters, the couple have decided to take a cross-Canada tour in order to visit popular sites and enjoy their new-found freedom.

While in Ottawa, the couple decide to visit the National Gallery of Canada, as Janice has a particular interest in Renaissance art, while Bruce on the other hand, tends to view art as "pretty pictures", and has difficulty understanding the ideas behind the works. As the couple enter the gallery, they see a sign that informs them that the gallery has a "mobile tour experience" available to iPhone owners. Bruce gets excited as it provides him with another reason to justify to his wife the expense of his new phone. While in line to pay for tickets, Bruce uses the iphone application to show his wife the exhibits that are on display, which informs their decision on the exhibits they will pay to see. They both look at the screen with Bruce browsing through the exhibitions with Janice giving her husband direction as to what thumbnail images should be enlarged.

After paying for their tickets, the couple make their way to the exhibit on Renaissance art. The gallery is quite busy on that day, yet the environment is mostly quiet, with people's footsteps being the loudest sound to be heard. The couple stay close together, randomly walking up to various works of art, with Janice whispering to her husband "see what they say about this one", or "I wonder what this one is about?". Bruce, with the iPhone still in hand, takes this as a queue to look up the piece of work. Each piece of artwork has a number located beside it, and Bruce types the appropriate number into the iPhone application's field, while Janice looks at the screen. When he does so, a thumbnail image of the artwork appears, along with a description. Within the description are links to different aspects of the work, along with a general outline. Janice, being interested in the life of the artist, presses on a link that provides her with information on the artist. Janice's poor eyesight causes her to take the phone from Bruce's hand and raise the iphone up to her face in order to read the small text. When Bruce is handed the phone back, he notices a button that allows the text to be increased in size, when he presses it, the text enlarges, making it easier to read from a distance.
The couple take turns pressing on different areas of interest that relate to each piece of art, with Bruce mostly interested in the general overview, and Janice interested in more specific details of the works on display. In front of some works, Janice uses the information she gained from reading about previous works in order make comparisons to the one the couple are looking at. Quietly, while looking at the work, she explains the similarities and differences between the works to Bruce in a manner that he can understand.

During the visit, Janice (via Bruce) makes use of the "collect" feature within the application, which allows the couple to save works for later viewing. Periodically, the couple use the benches in the gallery to rest their legs, and go through the collected works together. The feature is particularly useful for works located in other rooms, as it affords Janice the opportunity to further educate her husband on the depth of Renaissance art, using specific examples. While Bruce glances at the work on the iphone, enlarging the images to see certain regions, Janice explains and points to related works on the walls.

The two carry on with their visit, looking at various works that interest Janice, and finally leave the museum, being sure to take a pamphlet of the exhibit they visited.

Later that day, they have dinner with their daughter, where the couple explain what they did that day. After they place their order, Bruce pulls out his iPhone to show his daughter his new gadget. While going through various applications he's recently downloaded, he starts showing his daughter the works they found interesting during their visit to the gallery. He holds up the phone so that his daughter can see the image on the screen and says "see this painting here. After a hundred years, it was completely ruined, so what you see now is mostly a reconstruction. I bet you didn't know that!".

The father goes through a few more works, showing his daughter and providing small tidbits of information, with Janice occasionally interjecting, until the server comes with their food.