Carol Hudson, CMS part-time support & student

Persona - Carol Hudson

CMS part-time support & student


Carol is has been back in school for year working toward her masters degree Education. She's doing support for Yale's LMS 12 hours a week to bring in some income while she's in school. Her student loans barely cover tuition and rent.

Carol likes to help people and gets frustrated when she doesn't feel like she has the answer for customers...or even worse is confused herself.

She uses the LMS for a couple of her own classes since she began working in the support group she's gained empathy for the work faculty have to put into managing the course sites.

  • Make it through graduate school with good grades
  • Earn money to pay for living expenses while in school
  • Give the right answers
  • Teach people
Level of Expertise

Experience as a student on LMS. Fairly comfortable with technology and the web.