Mobile scenario (Patrick the industrial designer)

Patrick is an 38 year-old industrial designer in Montreal. Today he's taken a day-off to run some errands in the morning and spend the rest of the day at the McCord museum. He has never been to the museum before, believes that it would be a good source of inspiration for his work.

On his 30 minute bus-ride to the museum, he looks for some information on the museum on his iPhone. Patrick googles "McCord", and clicks on the "Musée_McCord Museum" link which leads him directly to the McCord mobile website. The home page contains a few options: general information about the museum, the museum's collections, and a selection of self-guided tours for the current exhibitions.

Patrick clicks on the general info option, because he's interested in the opening hours, admission fees and location of the museum. From there, he clicks on the "map" button to see where exactly the museum is located. On this page, he finds a link to download the Maps application. He bookmarks this page on his browser, so that he can return to it later.

He also wants to know what the museum has in its collection, so he presses the "Collections" button. He is brought to a page where he can both search for an item or browse through the collection by type of objects. He searches for "furniture from the XIX century". By default, only the objects that are currently exhibited are displayed in the search results. He clicks on "Search all" to get a more comprehensive list of objects, regardless of whether they are being exhibited or not. The results visually distinguishes the objects that are being exhibited and stored.

He sees two chairs that especially attract his attention, so he saves them in his favorites. After this, Patrick reloads the map page that he bookmarked. He clicks on the download link to the Maps app, so he can find his way to the museum from his current location.

When Patrick arrives at the museum, he decides to select one of the self-guided tours created by staff and adds the chairs he previously bookmarked to it. Patrick gets access to a customized self-guided tour.

Patrick discovers many interesting objects, so he bookmarks 40 of them by entering the object code during his visit. He is excited to share this experience, so he selects the most outstanding artifacts from the list, adds a general comment, and emails them to his colleagues on his way home. He has a meeting with the colleagues and thinks this information might be useful.

While he waits for his date to arrive, he browses his favourites list and finds new objects from the tags created by other users. He spends this time adding new comments and tagging some of the artifacts, because he's planning to repeat his visit in the future and wants to prepare a list of 3 different kinds of objects.