Notes from MMI visit, micro-engagement chat (Sept. 3, 2009)

Notes taken by Michelle D'Souza; copy-and-pasted from shared Google doc.

Sorry for the poor formatting! Will fix soonish.

eDocent spiritual successor
A solution allowing visitors to [A] mark objects of interest, [B] learn more/dig deeper with in museum authored content, with the intent of piquing the visitor's interest enough for him/her to [C] look elsewhere for more + [C] suggesting where to look (linking)
-our current mobile designs
-clicking wand
-website collection (online - in museum or out of museum)
-note taking (standard or multimedia)
-photo taking
-video (eg movie clips)
-text content
-human interactions (docent, security, other visitors)
-meta-level content
-related content eg. association jobs etc
-themes - or sets, collections, clusters (eg. Star Wars)
C  (over lapping themes in museum)
-general versus specific
-trusted sources - eg LexisNexis
-peer reviewed resources
Exhibitions are currently stored on the website. They will be in cspace as an event going forward.
Authority records have extended information -
Some individual artifacts have extended historical information:
A lot of the rich supporting information about artifacts does not currently exist and would need to be researched and written.
There will be a lot more information in cspace then what's in open collection
Links between artifacts and movingimagesource have not been made yet
For this project they will recreate the information for a small group of objects (~10)
This might include one of the take aways.