Infusion 1.0 Wish List

Infusion 1.0 Wishlist

This is a collection of the features we'd most like to see, as a community, in the version 1.0 release of Fluid Infusion, including features we already have on deck for Infusion 0.8. Please feel free to add to and expand upon it.


  1. Easily maintainable and releasable
  2. Comprehensive for the core features, including API documentation and tutorial for components, the framework, and the renderer
  3. Why Fluid? overview section
  4. Nicer looking, with better information architecture
  5. A stable home for the documenation: maybe

Fluid Skinning System

  1. Review current system and tweak based on feedback
    • Identify gaps
    • Renaming where necessary
    • Remove unnecessary features; add missing requirements
    • Create a naming convention for structural vs. presentational class names
  2. Better documentation and tutorials
  3. Visual debugging theme
  4. QA test plans and test files for skin
  5. Explore the creation or use of a theming tool

Packaging and Builds

  1. Modular build system (based on Simon Wang's patch)
  2. Fluid core framework file
    • A tiny distribution of the core framework features, intended to be used alongside jQuery


  1. Implement all the current Pager story cards:
    • Range tooltip feature, etc.
  2. Simplify the process of rendering data sets with the pager and renderer
  3. Define a standard convention for identifying "primary keys" within paged data sets
  4. Create a reusable Sorting widget subcomponent
  5. Define a formal data structure for identifying and storing changes made to data within a batch


  1. Higher-level API for constructing component trees
    • Reduce the complexity required to build a tree
    • One-line functions for most common operations with the renderer (binding selects, etc.)
  2. Performance benchmarking and improvements where needed
  3. Decouple data binding from renderer
  4. Better documentation and tutorials

UI Options

  1. Fully implement Easier to See functionality
  2. Fully implement Easier to Find functionality
  3. Sketch out another set of features (perhaps "More Efficient")


  1. Reliable A-Grade browser support
  2. Gears support
  3. Implementation of new design features, possibly including:
    • Improved error handling designs
    • User-friendly upload time calculation
    • Cancel/done buttons
    • Elegant truncation of long file names
  4. Renewed Springboard example, including a "low-profile" or simple Uploader
    • Tweaks to improve DOM agnosticism

Design Priorities

  1. Design Handbook – refine and rework, packaging for ease-of-use and generalizability
  2. Design Patterns – ensure that Fluid Infusion component patterns are in the OSDPL and think forward to those patterns that will assist the work of OpenCast, 3akai, CollectionSpace, and uPortal...
  3. component design iteration – as work on the above components carrys on for 1.0, design will have some tweaking to do to designs.
  4. a11y testing – Daphne is working with Landmark College to get them up to speed on testing our components.
  5. design carrots – carrots are those components that we may have some design work completed by 1.0, but are not complete. These are carrots that need to be chewed on a bit. One such component will be the
    • Rich text inline edit.
      Other possible carrots are:
    • date picker
    • metadata support for Uploader
    • list reorderer
    • auto-complete
    • list builder
    • profile specific view
    • free-form reorderer – draw-in layout