Mobile scenario (Dave and Peter, the graduate students, remote user)

Dave is a graduate student living in Dublin, working on his PhD thesis on Indian fabrics. Dave found some references on Calico Museum of Textiles, so he visited its website. He found many interesting objects, including 4 Indian bags with intricate tassles. He saved these 4 items using the My Calico feature on the website. He added private comments to these artifacts, including links to additional information resources. He also tagged the artifacts according to the year he estimated that each one could have been created.

This week he's attending a conference at Berlin, where he has met up some colleagues who are working on similar research topics. During lunchtime, he launches My Calico on his iPhone, and looks for the items he saved earlier. He brings up the pictures of the four bags, and shows them to his colleagues. Dave's colleague Peter has seen one of the bags before in his previous research. Peter suggests that the year of creation listed on the artifact page may be incorrect and suggests a different year. Dave adds a comment on the artifact page suggesting a different year of creation.

Peter also thinks that the bag is remarkably similar to one that he photographed in New York, and suspects there may be a relationship between these two objects. Peter finds the object from the Calico site and adds a link to the bag in New York. Peter plans on returning to NY in a couple of months. He wants to take the opportunity to visit the textile museum in New York again. He checks the museum site on his iPhone, and finds that the artifact will be exhibited August.

Dave shares the items in his My Calico with Peter. When Peter logs in from his iPhone, he is able to see the shared items in Dave's account. Peter adds more comments on these artifacts, and the artifacts pages update on Dave's computer screen real-time.