Kiosk printing options wireframes (Draft 6)

Note: This page is a work in progress.

Images 1 to 3 indicate how to print a standard format tour. 

Images 4 to 6 mock up some possible alternative format options.

Image 1: If you activate the PRINT icon, you are taken to Image 2

image 1

Image 2: If you select YES, your printing commences

Image 3: Generic progress to let you know your tour is printing
image 3

Image4: If you selected "FORMAT" back at Image2, you are presented with some alternative format options: High Contrast, Large Print, Audio.
image 4

Image5: Here is a preview of what high contrast would be like, activating PRINT would commence printing and bring up Image3 (print progress bar)
image 5

Image6: A visitor can select an audio themed tour, but they have to retrieve it from the Information desk. Other options here could be: braille / raised print map, etc.
image 6