Design file naming convention

Naming convention

This naming convention is used when designers are posting a file to the wiki. To identify dates, file descriptions and authors we assigned this naming convention:

Filenaming in wiki


* Underscore separating sections
* No spaces (and no character replacing spaces)
* All lowercase


Filenaming in svn

This naming convention is used when designers upload a file to Subversion (svn), our version control system. The system keeps records of the date and file committer to each file uploaded, so the naming convention need not include these. In other words:



General terminology

ITERATION: Our two-week design planning iterations (e.g., the current iteration, iteration 13, is from January 5-19).

DRAFT: One cycle of design (e.g., we recently finished draft 4 of our kiosk wireframes/design, and draft 8 of our mobile wireframes).

VERSION: The production release of the product (e.g., Engage version 0.3 will be released at the end of next month).

REVISION: The file revision number used by svn (e.g., 8905 is the latest revision of file x in the repository). This is rarely referred to.