Ed McClellan, Undergraduate

Secondary Persona - Ed McClellan



Ed is a sophomore in Letters & Science at UC Berkeley.  Along with his large required Letters & Science courses, he is taking classes at the Business school.  And that changes from term to term. Most of his instructors have course sites but they are all slightly different.  Some are created using the campus Learning Management System (LMS) while some aren't. Some use on-line assignments while others don't.  And they all organize the site differently...he has trouble keeping track of where to find the week's homework and readings from site to site.  He also uses the campus LMS for a couple of his group projects.

As busy as he is, Ed finds time for hanging out with his friends.  He takes his laptop to class, and often uses it to make evening plans over IM.  He's also constantly sending and receiving text messages on his cell phone from friends. Since the campus is almost entirely wireless, he meets with his project groups at various locations all over campus. However, since the wireless network not always completely reliable, when they want to make sure they have internet access they still meet in one of the campus computer labs.

Ed is confident with computers, but doesn't consider himself a "techie."  He connects with friends using Facebook, and has used a lot of commercial websites and software. He has expectations based on  his use of these sites, such as having 24 x 7 access to them.  He particularly likes using Google Scholar for course research.


* Do well in classes with least amount of effort.
* Keep track of where he needs to be and what is due
* Spend as much time socially as possible
* To do well despite disorganized instruction ? no excuse, I still need to figure it out
* Not to waste time scheduling meetings with various subgroups of other busy students with varying schedules 

Level of Expertise

Using computers since grade school.  Experience with many types of technology like: cell phones w/internet access, PDA's, iPods, etc.