fluid-work IRC Logs-2013-04-26

[09:00:14 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: I'm trying out your branch and it looks to me like the FatPanel tests are failing in FF and hanging in Safari

[09:00:20 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> are they working for you?

[09:00:40 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> what, just tested this morning. trying again

[09:01:34 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> they all pass find, michelled

[09:02:02 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> "fine"

[09:09:11 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: yeah, they seem fine for me too now. that unnerves me a little but it might be related to the issues we've been having with async tests

[09:11:34 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> michelled: i never saw that test failed, even with IE8. maybe try with another machine. would you be able to produce the failure again other than the first time? in case it's a caching problem

[09:12:57 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: it might have been an issue with how I merged in the styling branch. I managed to get your branch with passing tests, but after merging in 4970 the tests are failing again

[09:13:20 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: does UIOptions.js depend on SettingPanels.js?

[09:13:26 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> yes, michelled

[09:13:39 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> might 'cuz some changes are not merged correctly

[09:13:44 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> ok, I'm going to redo my merging and try testing again

[09:13:55 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: am going to look at your floating branch.. where is the demo located in there?

[09:14:00 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> let me know if you want me to look at the merging branch

[09:14:11 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> Justin_o: yes, the fat panel demo

[09:14:47 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: does that work with touch too?

[09:15:11 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> good point, Justin_o, haven't tried that. trying

[09:16:38 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: tried it quickly but it didn't seem to work

[09:17:00 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> oh, no

[09:17:05 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: also I think we'll want it to remain fixed while the screen scrolls behind it..

[09:17:24 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> good point

[09:19:02 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> colinclark: heidi responded to the list about a recommend way of attaching descriptive text to the font-icon. did you have a chance to take a look at that yet

[09:19:03 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> ?

[09:19:29 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I haven't, no

[09:19:34 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Let me have a look

[09:21:34 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I wonder why we've devolved to using Dropbox instead of Github for tests and examples?

[09:22:17 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Justin_o: Heidi's approach seems quite sensible to me

[09:22:19 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> What do you think of it?

[09:23:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Hey jhung1 and arashs

[09:24:02 CDT(-0500)] <jhung1> hey colinclark

[09:24:09 CDT(-0500)] <arashs> hi colinclark

[09:24:21 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So do you two need anything from me in terms of starting on the Common Terms Registry design work?

[09:24:31 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> jhung: I hear you and jessm talked a bit about it yesterday

[09:24:49 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: yep.

[09:24:59 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> colinclark: I think so.. do you have enough information to +/- my proposal or might you have some more questions?

[09:25:27 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: I am not planning on starting that work until the GPII Security Gateway work is done (that is more priority at the moment).

[09:25:42 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Justin_o: Your proposal was great

[09:25:47 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I'm thoroughly a +1

[09:25:50 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> and I will respond as such

[09:26:03 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> colinclark: (smile) thanks

[09:26:03 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> jhung: Ok, cool

[09:26:10 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: but I will be sure to seek your help when it comes time.

[09:26:14 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> is that something that arashs can lend a hand with as well, jhung?

[09:27:49 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: yeah. I am current working on a wiki page outlining the work to be done. I'll connect with him once that is up.

[09:27:59 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Ok, excellent

[09:28:00 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> ^arashs

[09:28:04 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli, Justin_o: can you take a look at this merge branch? https://github.com/michelled/infusion/tree/FLUID-4927-4970

[09:28:08 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> arashs: so jhung is your design buddy

[09:28:09 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I'm still getting test failures

[09:28:26 CDT(-0500)] <arashs> great, thanks col

[09:28:29 CDT(-0500)] <arashs> colinclark:

[09:28:40 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> ok, michelled

[09:28:57 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I think my best advice for the Security Gateway scenarios is to be as "real world" as possible

[09:29:22 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> the issue right now is that the security gateway is being developed by a developer who is pretty far removed from the world of users of Cloud4all

[09:29:38 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> and originally imagined that security policies would "only be written by an administrator"

[09:29:45 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: :O

[09:29:50 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> (smile)

[09:29:54 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but our goal is to give users independence and autonomy

[09:30:12 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> colinclark: I saw a document jessm sent me and it had stuff about exchanging tokens.

[09:30:22 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> yes (sad)

[09:30:23 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> For a minute I had a flashback to token ring networks.

[09:30:29 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> it's very disappointing

[09:30:39 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> in many cases, a user might just say (in the usual OAuth sort of way) "yes, I trust <site x> to access my preferences"

[09:30:47 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> yep

[09:30:58 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> That's the scenario I'm thinking of as well.

[09:31:00 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but I think there will also be cases where they say "Well, I want to trust Google with only some of my preferences; these others, they're more private."

[09:31:10 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Much like a browser cookie security setting.

[09:31:14 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> right

[09:31:22 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> cool.

[09:32:17 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> For the Common Terms Registry, I think the key is "simple"

[09:32:24 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> We want it to be a good user interface that encourages people to contribute terms

[09:32:29 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> and there are tons of community features we can imagine

[09:32:46 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> what do you mean by "community features"?

[09:32:57 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but we should probably focus on a "minimum viable UX" for the first round, since Gregg is quite keen on getting something up soon

[09:33:20 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> By community features, I mean things like moderation

[09:33:39 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> User groups having access to edit certain fields of certain terms

[09:33:41 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> that sort of thing

[09:34:03 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> ok. jessm gave me a July 2013 time frame. Is that not the case? Or is it we have visible progress as soon as possible with solid designs by 2013?

[09:34:18 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> re: community feature - got it.

[09:34:24 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> my sense is that we need to do a first iteration sooner than July 2013

[09:34:34 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> it may be that we are slow to ramp up a developer

[09:34:47 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I actually am still sort of hoping kasper might end up doing some of the development of the CTR

[09:34:50 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but I think I'm dreaming (wink)

[09:35:00 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> (smile)

[09:35:20 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So, sooner than July, but with an end goal of July, right jessm?

[09:35:34 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Cool. In that case then maybe we may get arashs started on the CTR.

[09:35:38 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> colinclark: mmm hmmm exactly

[09:36:03 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> jhung: I think it makes sense if you guys pair up as much possible

[09:36:18 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> It'll take some learning, and you've got some solid technical chops, too

[09:36:30 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Sounds good colinclark.

[09:37:26 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> kasper: Do you have a sense for when a first iteration design of the CTR will be needed/appreciated?

[09:37:41 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I know that Gregg is already pretty excited about it

[09:37:52 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> arashs: How about we try to connect shortly?

[09:39:36 CDT(-0500)] <arashs> jhung: I am going to be away for a bit, I will ping you ass soon as I am available

[09:40:02 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Sure no prob arashs.

[09:40:30 CDT(-0500)] <arashs> great, thanks jhung

[09:41:45 CDT(-0500)] <kasper> colinclark: not sure, no... I guess the pressure is mostly to have a simple browseable database of the terms we refer to from the various parts of GPII

[09:41:56 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Right

[09:42:04 CDT(-0500)] <kasper> and probably an API for getting and setting terms as well

[09:42:17 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> so a simple UI that lets people 1) add new terms; 2) edit terms; and 3) browse and search the terms

[09:42:37 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I guess we'd need at least basic user accounts--probably just with one status of "editor" for now?

[09:44:10 CDT(-0500)] <kasper> yeah, and "editor" would probably do it for now

[09:44:20 CDT(-0500)] <kasper> s/and/an/

[09:46:32 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> jessm: ping

[09:46:47 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> anastasiac: pong

[09:47:12 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> jessm, did you get my response(s) to the emails about ILDH and schema.org proposal? My email is screwing with me...

[09:47:23 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> no! weird

[09:47:44 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> I sent something twice… well, at least my client isn't lying that it didn't go out

[09:48:20 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> anyway: yes, I'm here, and I can add some info to the ILDH about the schema.org proposal, jessm, with some guidelines and examples of how to apply it

[09:48:45 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> awesome

[09:48:49 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> fyi, I'm not the only one here with email problems, apparently; problems sending and receiving

[09:48:55 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> anastasiac: i really like your very clear, and easy to understand examples in our wiki

[09:49:16 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> anastasiac: obv. incorporate the latest from the work with benetech et al and urls where appropriate

[09:49:24 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> exactly

[09:58:10 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: sorry, was away from my desk, did you still need me to look at your merge?

[09:58:55 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: did you try it yet?

[09:59:06 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I guess I just want to know if anyone else is getting test failures

[09:59:22 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> yes, michelled, fixed and pushed up to my github. digging the url

[09:59:42 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> oh, cindyli what branch did you make fixes in?

[09:59:49 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> https://github.com/cindyli/infusion/tree/FLUID-4927-4970

[10:00:23 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> michelled: was because the reset button was moved out of the fat panel template

[10:01:23 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli, michelled: that should have been fixed in the test file though..

[10:01:56 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o: maybe I was suppose to merge more branches together

[10:01:59 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I don't did the two

[10:02:08 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I only did the two

[10:02:24 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I'm not comfortable with the fix being made on the merge branch

[10:02:29 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> this is messy enough as it is

[10:02:42 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: it should have been merged into the FLUID-4927 branch already as part of my work on FLUID-4974

[10:03:05 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: what did you merge exactly?

[10:03:34 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli/FLUID-4927 followed by heidiv/FLUID-4970

[10:03:51 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> Justin_o: wonder how did you fix the test file without the new templates in 4927?

[10:04:22 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: the reset button is sourced from the outer page instead of the inner one

[10:04:24 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> or you mean the test file was fixed in 4970?

[10:04:26 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> so just added a reset there

[10:04:43 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli, Justin_o can we Skype real quick?

[10:04:44 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> and changed the code to look for it in the new place instead

[10:04:47 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: sure

[10:05:31 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> i'm on the skype

[10:09:01 CDT(-0500)] <yzen1> cindyli, Justin_o, michelled: anything else i can help out, since i finished 4927 ?

[10:09:38 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> yzen1: we're getting those pull requests merged into master right now

[10:09:56 CDT(-0500)] <yzen1> Justin_o: can i help testing anything ?

[10:09:59 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> yzen1: perhaps something else from here http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Floe+Iteration+Plan

[10:12:33 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> Justin_o: i18n support ?

[10:18:35 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> yzen: we probably want to start by documenting how it would work now, which anastasiac might have already done

[10:18:45 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> and then come up with an appropriate way for handling it

[10:19:33 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> anastasiac: would you know where i can find that ?

[10:19:41 CDT(-0500)] * anastasiac trying to catch up

[10:20:02 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> docs for i18n support?

[10:20:10 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> for UIO, or in general?

[10:22:58 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> Justin_o and yzen, I have notes on how translating UIO is currently do-able, but they're not on the wiki. I'm not sure if it would make sense to put them there? Maybe in the 1.4 docs (since we hope the 1.5 method will be more "proper")

[10:24:11 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> anastasiac, Justin_o that's what I was thinking, perhaps we should provide documentation on how to do it correctly once it's implemented

[10:24:13 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> yes, definitely!

[10:24:13 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> speaking of the correct way of implementing it, i liked the approach we took in decapod, keeping it in js not json

[10:25:24 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> yzen (and Justin_o, fyi): I've put my notes here: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/Infusion14/Internationalizing+User+Interface+Options

[10:25:28 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> Let me know if you have any questions

[10:25:34 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> anastasiac: thanks

[10:28:10 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> yzen, anastasiac: we should probably start a jira for improving it and reference the old way, so we can make sure we don't miss anything

[10:28:25 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> Justin_o: sounds good

[10:30:30 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> michelled: Justin_o, the fix on the reset button has been pushed up into https://github.com/cindyli/infusion/tree/FLUID-4927

[10:30:55 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> thx cindyli

[10:30:59 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np

[10:48:48 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> which branches should i include in i18n work so i do not get conflicts besides 4927?

[11:52:44 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> anastasiac: did you get the accessforall stuff in the ILDH?

[11:53:05 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> jessm, not yet; interrupted by several distractions

[11:53:33 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> in progress

[12:44:50 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: i want to schedule an API and Architecture meeting for UIO on tuesday. Will you be available

[12:44:59 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> and if so, what time would be good for you?

[12:51:23 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Hi Justin_o, yes, I will be around

[12:51:39 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Any of the usual times should be ok

[12:52:01 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: cool.. is 2 or 2:30pm EDT okay?

[12:52:08 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Sure

[12:52:23 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: great thanks.. i'll be sending out an e-mail to the work list about it shortly

[12:53:39 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> yzen - Christmas has come early for you this year (smile)

[12:53:42 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> https://github.com/amb26/infusion/commit/057e5fb78437f0beb621e3a5320e85c37aa5755d

[12:54:00 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> AHF{IAHoB[wen wgj23-9ut [02hgw

[12:54:03 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> 195yt2 [wa egaweg jaw'

[12:54:06 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> YEA

[12:56:00 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Even in the following form: : P

[12:56:07 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> currentRelease: {

[12:56:07 CDT(-0500)]

<Bosmon> target: "$

Unknown macro: {currentRelease}


[12:56:07 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> linktext: {

[12:56:07 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> messagekey: "currentRelease",

[12:56:07 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> args: {version: "${{that}.options.version}"}

[12:56:08 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> }

[12:56:08 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> },

[12:56:19 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o, cindyli, Bosmon, yzen, jhung: I'm about to push the two monster branches. any reason I should hold off?

[12:56:31 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> michelled - please go for it!

[12:56:54 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> And then you can turn to a fresh monster branch (smile)

[12:57:11 CDT(-0500)] <yzen> haha

[12:57:44 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: +1 for merging Bosmon: -1 for monster branches (smile)

[12:58:55 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> done! please test a bit everyone

[13:00:48 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: did you just merge the first two?

[13:00:57 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o: yeah

[13:01:04 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I'll do the other two now

[13:01:12 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: cool thanks

[13:06:18 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> jessm, I welcome feedback on the ILDH updates: paragraph added to http://handbook.floeproject.org/index.php?title=Techniques (where AccessForAll is introduced) linking to http://handbook.floeproject.org/index.php/Accessibility_Metadata_Schema.org_Proposal

[13:06:34 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> I ran it by Jutta, she thought it seemed fine

[13:06:38 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> cool

[13:06:41 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> looking...

[13:20:15 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> anastasiac: nit pick-y comment

[13:20:21 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> http://handbook.floeproject.org/index.php/Accessibility_Metadata_Schema.org_Proposal

[13:20:39 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> the inclusion of a11y metadata in schema.org will

[13:20:45 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> or is that innacurate? shoudl it be would?

[13:20:52 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> isn't it being adopted actively

[13:21:09 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> hm

[13:21:22 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> you're right, I think 'will' is better

[13:21:40 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> but it's an odd situation. The proposal has been submitted to schema.org

[13:22:13 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> yeah

[13:22:14 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> they haven't accepted it yet, which means search engines aren't honouring the properties yet, and some implementers are starting to mark up their content

[13:22:21 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> gotcha

[13:22:23 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> then leave it

[13:22:26 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> http://handbook.floeproject.org/index.php/AccessForAll

[13:22:29 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> no links to anything

[13:22:32 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> can we fix that?

[13:22:35 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ah, right, thanks

[13:22:37 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> we=you

[13:22:54 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> and when the proposal is accepted, we can update the text to be more encouraging (smile)

[13:23:03 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> yay

[13:35:25 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o: I merged in the FLUID-4971 branch, but the manual test isn't working for me. can you take a look? https://github.com/michelled/infusion/tree/FLUID-4971

[13:42:11 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: what's wrong with it?

[13:42:38 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> the panels and preview are missing

[13:42:42 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I just have headings

[13:44:02 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: I checked out your branch and am reproducing the issue

[13:44:11 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> but i didn't see that when i reviewed the pull request yesterday

[13:45:45 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> there was a conflict in the merge

[13:46:06 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> but if I resolved it wrong, the main demo should have broken, not the manual test

[13:48:26 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o: I'm thinking I might wait for heidi on Monday to deal with this

[13:48:29 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> what do you think?

[13:49:10 CDT(-0500)] <clown> anastasiac: I overheard you and Justin_o talking about former marathon pictures. a blast from the past: http://www.marathonfoto.com/order_my_photos.cfm?RaceOID=22132010F1&amp;LastName=CHOWDHURY&amp;BibNumber=9432&amp;Language=en&amp;spMAILINGID=35700937&amp;spUserID=NjQxMDg5MjczNQS2&amp;spJOBID=84743542&amp;spREPORTID=ODQ3NDM1NDIS1&amp;BFI=6k2rd3er90&amp;Frames=true&amp;Flash=true&amp;FlashVersion=10&amp;Height=1024&amp;Width=1280&amp;Index2Home=true

[13:49:12 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: i'm getting an error, which probably means that we are just seeing the template.. it could be related to some of the changes to FLUID-4927 that hadn't' been merged into here yet

[13:49:18 CDT(-0500)] <clown> what an url...

[13:49:35 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> thanks for the reminder, clown

[13:49:37 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> that's cool, event he watermarks are running

[13:51:55 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: "Cannot autoInit component fluid.uiOptions.textSizer which does not have an initFunction and gradeNames defined"

[13:52:11 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: ^ any thoughts

[13:53:17 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> the error looks like something wrong with the base grade used by textSizer, still catching up the conversation

[13:53:51 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled, cindyli: I think it's the order of the script tags again

[13:54:06 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> SettingsPanel should come before UIOptions.js

[13:54:38 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> oh. I wonder how it ever worked

[13:55:16 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> no, Justin_o, settingsPanel should come after uioptions.js

[13:55:42 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> since the base grade settingsPanel for all panels has been moved into uiOptions.js

[13:56:18 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: okay.. right, well those files have them in different orders.. so there is a mistake in at least one of them (smile)

[13:56:25 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> but seems like there is another issue too

[13:56:50 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> Justin_o: do you want me to take a look on the branch?

[13:57:07 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: sure.. thanks.. i'll look alos

[13:57:15 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> also, hopefully we'll be able to find it quickly

[13:58:57 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> (smile)

[13:59:56 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: paths to the templates?

[14:00:15 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> which manual test? this one: tests/manual-tests/html/SomeKindOfNews.html

[14:00:19 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> works fine on me

[14:00:22 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: no

[14:00:35 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> the uiOptionsFullWithoutPreview

[14:00:39 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> ok

[14:00:41 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> and uiOptionsFullWithPreview

[14:01:14 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> btw, for SomeKindOfNews.html, we properly wanna add reset button in, there's no way to reset right now

[14:01:40 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: maybe we should just toss the whole thing out

[14:01:49 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: ^ what do you think?

[14:02:10 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> might be path problem, Justin_o

[14:02:37 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: I thought you said to me this morning that uioptions.js should come after?

[14:02:37 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: that's what i'm thinking.. for the templates.. doesn't look like the prefix is set

[14:03:26 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> toss out some kind of news?

[14:03:40 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> is there anything in it that we can't test in the regular demo?

[14:04:37 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: i think now it's just the features we haven't brought over "text to speech" and "content simplification" which we are going to re-write

[14:04:58 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> sorry. wrong demo (smile)

[14:06:19 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> but looks this was the integration demo.. but it was supposed to have a reordered which looks to be quite dead

[14:07:43 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> i'm looking at the code for that demo now and only see the page enhancer and UIO.. I don't really know why it is here now

[14:09:09 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: do you know what the Some Kind of News manual test was for?

[14:13:04 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> iirc, it was meant as a UIO stress test. I was trying to put as many different possibly-difficult-to-transform things as possible into the page

[14:15:39 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: ah okay

[14:17:10 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> Justin_o: , michelled: 4971 is fixed and pushed up to my github - https://github.com/cindyli/infusion/tree/FLUID-4971

[14:18:30 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: what was wrong?

[14:19:17 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: looking at your commit now.. so we have 3 grade names that need to be applied?

[14:19:31 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> failure on no preview was 'cuz the order of the included js scripts. on preview was 'cuz the templateLoader has been split into an empty grade and another grade for uio defaults. we need to explicitly specify the default templateloader grade

[14:19:39 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> yes, Justin_o

[14:19:51 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> cindyli: i see

[14:20:02 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> thx cindyli

[14:20:05 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> we'll have to make sure to document that once it all gets in

[14:20:07 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> thanks

[14:20:10 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np

[14:54:49 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Hi Justin_o - is there any chance we could move the UIO meeting up by half an hour or so?

[14:54:57 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> I've discovered I have a meeting conflict...

[14:54:58 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Sorry

[14:55:15 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: you want to do it at 1:30?

[14:55:21 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> or you mean 2:30

[14:56:10 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> at 1.30 would be good

[14:57:55 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: no problem

[14:58:00 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> i'll send out a revision

[14:58:20 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> Thanks, Justin_o!

[14:58:27 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> How is trunk's UIO looking now?

[14:58:36 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> I saw about the issue with manual tests....

[14:59:21 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> Bosmon: i think cindyli got that all fixed up .. I think michelled is still looking it over though

[14:59:31 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon> cool

[14:59:42 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> just pushed it actually (smile)

[15:01:39 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: great..all done then (smile)

[15:01:46 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> yep (smile)

[15:01:52 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> time to do some testing

[15:02:04 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> get this production ready

[15:02:13 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> (smile)

[16:29:56 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Hello michelled!

[16:34:48 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> hi system64! how's it going?

[16:36:26 CDT(-0500)] <system64> michelled: Been a busy week, exams starting in few days. Plan to finish on my WebRTC Project proposal this weekend.

[16:38:32 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> great! I look forward to seeing it

[16:41:07 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> system64: anything I can answer before I go offline?

[16:42:19 CDT(-0500)] <system64> michelled: Wanted to know if ci would be needed for this project?

[16:43:13 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> are you referring to contextual inquiry? or something else?

[16:43:51 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Oh! Sorry I meant continuous integration.

[16:44:08 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> oh, ha

[16:44:36 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> well, it's not required, but it's not a bad thing to have either - what are your thoughts on it?

[16:45:35 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> what are thinking in terms of integration? integration with what, exactly?

[16:47:33 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Well basically, just so that we always have working thing in one branch.

[16:49:25 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Something like travis-ci should be easy to setup on github (smile)

[16:52:12 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I think it's important to always have your branch working (smile)

[16:53:01 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Also, for developing component for infusion. What kind of tests would be needed?

[17:00:09 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> the type of tests you are going to write will depend on how your system develops

[17:00:16 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> I would expect that you would write some unit tests

[17:00:34 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> we use a wrapper for Qunit that you'll find in the infusion master branch

[17:00:52 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> you might also want to write some integration tests

[17:02:38 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Thanks! I'll check that out.

[17:05:45 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> np

[17:07:38 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> system64: here's the wrapper: https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/tree/master/src/webapp/tests/test-core/jqUnit

[17:08:35 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> system64: these are the newest of the tests that we've written, so they probably show some of the more recent best practices. https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/tree/master/src/webapp/tests/component-tests/uiOptions

[17:09:19 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> as I mentioned to you, we've been making huge changes to our base framework, so it would be best to ask a lot of questions as you build

[17:09:31 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> some of the things in our repository, show every old ways of using Infusion

[17:10:01 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Thanks alot! I had been exploring the tests folder only (smile)

[17:11:27 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Does infusion use Apache Ant for build?

[17:11:52 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> we do, but it's something we want to change from

[17:12:09 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> honestly, the only thing the build really does that's useful is generate some CSS files for use with UIOptions

[17:12:25 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> mostly, we make things that don't need to be 'built'

[17:12:55 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> ah, this is what I was looking for: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/docs/The+IoC+Testing+Framework

[17:13:10 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Shouldn't it be be running the tests also?

[17:13:41 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> we've been planning to use testswarm to run the tests, but haven't got that up and running at this point

[17:14:15 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> the issue with UI testing, of course, is that you really need to test against real browsers, and a good set of them

[17:16:41 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> good luck with the proposal system64, I look forward to seeing it

[17:17:02 CDT(-0500)] <system64> I've heard of Testswarm before, how about phantomJS?

[17:17:53 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> my personal opinion, is that it's a lot better to test with a real browser

[17:17:53 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Thanks! Hope I can finish it this weekend, will give me sometime to get it reviewed (smile)

[17:18:03 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> (smile)

[17:18:26 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Thanks for your time (smile) bye