Creating a simple static sites using Fluidic-11ty for stand alone projects.

1) Go to the fluidic-11ty repository. Fork it and clone the fork to your local.

2) Remove the contents of src/sample/ directory.

3) Remove the contents of src/assets/stylesheets/css/sample folder.

4) The templates for the site are present in the src/_includes folder.

5) Copy the contents of the header HTML code to the src/_includes/partials/header.html file.

6) Copy the contents of footer file to the src/_includes/partials/footer.html file

7) Copy the CSS files to src/assets/stylesheets/css folder

8) Now, you can create the index page for your blog site by editing the src/index.html file

9) Next, you need to link the CSS files to Default and Post template. Go to src/_includes/partials/foundationflexgrid.html file and link them as per sample links given in the file

10) You can add Matomo analytics using the src/assets/js/analytics.js file and linking the js file in layouts/default.html and layouts/post.html file. 

This will give you a basic site based on 11ty for stand-alone projects.