March 12, 2020: Evaluate the necessity of using a CSS framework

Present: Cindy, Justin, Michelle, Ned, Ted

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  1. Whether or not we need a css framework? If we do need, tech evaluation process should be applied

Usually when we pick a technology, we do some sort of evaluation process: list requirements, pick a few options and compare them (do they meet requirements). We can start by listing requirements for a CSS framework.


  • Responsive design (media queries) ❌
  • Style native HTML elements without classes ❌
  • Easy to override defaults ❌
  • Accessibility
    • If the framework includes html, the html should be accessible ❌
    • Hover and focus states should be clearly defined and customizable ⚠️
    • Works with UIO ⚠️
  • Framework should be modular and we can only import the parts we need ⚠️
  • If we want to use Sass/Stylus/Less/PostCSS, does the framework support it? ✅
    • Using a preprocessor seems helpful—storing global values in a variable.
    • Cindy/Justin have used Stylus.
    • Uses for preprocessors: modularity, less repetition.
    • Ted has been enjoying Sass. Ned has experience. (SassMeister)
  • Does it include a normalize/reset? ✅
    • TODO: Look into options for a good modern normalize/reset stylesheet.


  • Use Sass (SCSS) as a preprocessor.
  • TODO: Don’t use a framework (Ted: remove Bulma).
  • TODO: Research an appropriate normalize/reset stylesheet (Ted: research normalize.css, CSS Tricks, share evaluation requirements on Monday, then open a GitHub issue with several options, link to demos/examples).
    • Load time
    • Supported browsers
    • Be available in sass: so that it can be compiled with other sass file to reduce the size of the compiled css file
  • TODO: Decide on browser support using BrowserList, add Autoprefixer config (docs) (Cindy: evaluate browser support, to discuss Monday).

Next Meeting

  1. Structure of website
    1. Ned: give walkthrough of system (API + Nuxt).
    2. Cindy and others can share improvement ideas.
  2. Normalize/Reset evaluation criteria
    1. Ted: share proposed evaluation criteria
  3. Browser support
    1. Cindy: share proposed browser support