UIO+ testing with clients in VTS

Users compared UIO+ (v0.1.0 beta 12) with built-in accessibility features in windows, browsers and Zoomtext. Contrast and text to speech features were primarily used. UIO+ offers some distinct advantages to built-in browser features mainly being able to modify and use features in all webpages and not just reader view compatible webpages. Right click text to speech feature was handy for reading directly in the webpage. Contrast issues experienced in UIO+ were similar to Windows contrast options. Compared to zoomtext, zoomtext offers more consistency in feature function (i.e. contrast and speech) but this program is over $600. Additional keyboard commands would be very useful for navigating and controlling the features. Clients were able to test extension with various websites and feedback is attached. This extension will be shared with other users and stakeholders as an alternative to similar accessibility options.    

Contrast works on many webpages, not just article page
Read feature is very useful

For zoom feature, windows CTRL +/- maybe easier
ZoomText provides more comprehensive and consistent options but costly
Read mode not needed with TTS feature

Gears icon on tool bar is small, corrected with context menu in updated version (See: GPII-4240)
Function Key to open UIO+ (See: GPII-4241
Need keyboard shortcuts to menus (See: GPII-4241
Need to save settings after closing chrome (See: GPII-4242)
Quick way of cycling through contrasts 

(See: FLUID-6432 for contrast application issues)

Web pageUIO+Zoomtext
General  commentsPlay button not following selection (See: FLUID-6431)
PDF in browserfeatures not availablenot consistent, crashing, text view app reader OK, background reader best
Chrome manage extension pagefeatures not available features available
https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/ways-to-bank/online-banking/index.html high contrast black on white, SIGN IN button disappears Black and white contrast, able to see SIGN IN
https://www.cbc.ca/news all contrasts, lose some content mouse hover does not work
https://www.tsn.ca/all contrasts, some video links are coveredBlack and white, able to see video links
https://www.ctvnews.ca/all contrasts, minor items lostable to see

all contrasts, add video is lost

able to select and read video titles

able to see

black contrasts, icons disappear (grey ones)

unable to read inbox, able to read most messages

able to see, read with tab, app reader
 google drive

all contrasts, lose preview content of documents

unable to select and read

 able to see
 Google drive - opened documentable to select and see play button but not readingunable to read open document with app reader or mouse hover
 www.ttc.caall contrasts, lose bus number in left column able to view
 www.amazon.cablack contrasts, lose some text able to view
 www.grocerygateway.comcontrasts, lose buttons shape keeps button shape
 www.flipp.comcontrast good, cant select and read clicked flyer itemcolours work, reads links with TAB, reads with speak it tool