(SJRK) February 4, 2019 UWEZO / James / IDRC

James, Bahati - work with UWEZO


  • 2 sets of workshops with young people - youth facilitated - organized by Bahati
  • Based on previous resources - work with them to contextualize them
  • We can support remotely?


  • Based on outcomes
  • Using the resources - develop an outcome
    • what these resources mean in their context
    • gather feedback
    • “outcomes” from working with the orgs - put on the website - they can follow up, give feedback, share stories…
    • how do we make the website include Chinyarwanda?


  • receiving different toolkits, strategy documents, that we could integrate, but we did not participate in the development process so they don’t work
  • echo what James said - contextualize - the info that is available already - take into account young people with learning differences
  • UWEZO - also worked with all young people from marginalized communities
  • Rwanda - refugee families here for many years - find it difficult to participate…
  • Emerging technologies
  • Note “learning differences”
  • Findings from the research - something we can include -these have not been shared in the country,
  • As UWEZO to know what is there currently
  • Accessibility of social media, digital media platforms - people with special needs, those who never went to school
    • audio, video with subtitles - multi-modal content

Next Steps

  • James’ last instalment of money
  • workplan google doc - everyone can access
  • set up agreement directly with UWEZO going forward - Iris - Bahati workshops with youth
  • Bahati tool disability sexuality and rights - TIG course
  • EDC? Education development center - partnered with TIG
  • UWEZO - SDGs project implementing 
  • getting SDGs translated into an understandable format
  • will set up a meeting with Liam to discuss collaboration
  • how to keep working with James - write into contract
  • James to continue to provide guidance where needed
  • continue using Skype for our meetings - more accessible
  • Bahati VISA cost to reimburse - please send receipt to Iris